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Thursday, 10 June 2010

Crown and Cushion, Victoria Road

Now here is a pub that seems to be doing quite well... I have friends that tell we it as a great crowd in at the weekend and the landlord and landlady are well liked and keep a great pint. Long may they do so.


imac said...

And so say all of us.

Sounds a good place to visit.

Hydonian said...

A friend of mine's father used to run this pub,Tom! Great to have someone in the pub game when you're 14/15 :D

Tom said...

I started work and then lived for a while in the Albion when I was 17.... even then I was that drunk at weekends I could still not make it to bed... ha!

Hydonian said...

I seem to remember you working at the Albion - although t'was before I frequented such establishments,Tom! ha!

Tom said...

I worked for 3 different landlords at the Albion Nancy... The one I was thinking abot above was Bob Lindsey... he moved from the Boars Head, George Street when the motor way came through. Then there was Pete Walker who kept it for a while... it did very well at the weekends then... Sunday after the pictures was mad. I can not recall who the other chap was at all...
I have nothing but fun memory's from this pub... Bob's wife was ill with TB, Bob would visit her then go drown his sorrows at the Brick Layer Arms, or the Cheshire Chesse up Newton with the landlord who was known as 'Crazy Horse'... no idea why. Anyhow it was left to Me and Dave Edwards (Edder) to look after it most nights.. ha! it's a wonder it made any profits. I was on wages + board and lodgings.. Edder was mostly on the 'Top Shelf'..