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by Brian Thornley
May 2015
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Sunday, 18 July 2010

Red Pump Street & "Ten Houses"

The spread of the cotton industry caused an increase in the population and gradually the village of Gee Cross came into being. This was followed some time later by the foundation of
the town of Hyde. What was known as "Red Pump Street," really a row of ten houses, situated in the lower part of Market Street, was built probably between 1780 and 1790; and from this row or village, as it was formerly called, sprang the town.

(Taken from "The Annals of Hyde" BY THOMAS MIDDLETON).

Photobucket "Ten Houses" 1950's

The " Street " owed its name to the fact that it stood on part of the land appertaining to what was known as "Red Pump Estate " (a substantial homestead belonging to the Howards and their connections, the Hegginbothams) which occupied the site of the Manchester and Liverpool District Bank at the corner of Market Place.

ten houses
"Ten Houses" 2009

10 houses
Scene showing Unemployment Demonstration at Ten houses in 1903.


Tom said...

Great comparison between these pictures Nancy..

The shop I'll always remember from there abouts is Dean and Nobles.... like Brookes Hardware across the way it was a throw-back to better days... It was a sad day for Hyde when Dean and Nobels shut for business.

Do you recall the Pub that was called the 'Ten Houses Nancy? It was called the Railway before that... It was on the corner of Cross Street and Simpson Street at the back of the Telephone Exchange. One of the landlords was a cross-dresser... fancied himself as a bit of a Shirley Bassey.. The pub picked up a bit though as it had some good music nights there... Young Bobby Kemp played there a few times. It's no longer a pub, but an engineers workshop now.
It was across from this pub when I went to Greeny that a shop had a stone plaque over the door saying 'The Shop That Jack Built' Dunc might recall that. Another great week on the blog Nancy... I've had 3 visitors to the house this week as a direct result of the blog... each bought along photos for me to scan, and hopefully I might be getting a few more as well.

ian... said...

Great post - I didn't know where Red Pump Street itself was, just presumed that it might be Water St because their are some old stone buildings on there.

It's no longer a pub, but an engineers workshop now.
Would that be One-Off-Engineering Tom?

Tom said...

Thanks Ian...
One Off Engineering is the one Ian... I was trying to think of the name when I was writing the above. Hyde as seen it's fair share of engineering firms come and go. This town had a very good reputation for this kind of work.. as I write this now names of firms are flashing though my mind... another comment.. an otherpost ha!.

Ex Hydeonian said...

I used to play for the Railway pool team Tom, back in the early 80's and the cross dressing landlord sure was a talking point then! (Dunno if he was called Brian or Bob....not sure). I am sure he did it for a laugh, but sparkly frocks with a five o'clock shadow don't do much for me I'm afraid. He sure was funny though and we all thought his daughter was really nice.

Dean & Nobles, Brookes, Hollinghursts, Proctors photographics, Harrisons Stationery, Hetts fishing tackle, David Aldreds, all were local businesses that I recall from many years ago. Alf Davis' shop from the pic of Ten Houses 1950's brought back memories, I used to love that shop with all the watches and shiny stuff. Always looked in there when I walked down Market Street. I am trying to remember who the other photographic shop was on Market Street, just down from the Crown. The owner was a short man who always dressed well and I think he lived on Lumn Road. It will come to me in time....maybe when the drugs kick in!

Hi Nancy :) Love your work guys!

Anonymous said...

Appleyards was the photographer

Tom said...

I remembered it as soon as I saw the name... thanks for the input.. ;o)

Hydonian said...

I have a picture of Frankie Appleyard somewhere..He was a lovely man. :)

Lizzy said...

Proctors was a photographic shop too.

I'm a bit confused (before you say it, it's not too difficult) but the picture of the 10 houses at the top has Alf Davies in the middle which was further up Hyde Lane opposite what used to be a travel agents and the second photo show further down lower than the traffice lights where Shipmans surgery was?

Tom said...

Elizabeth.. oh! dear you are a tad confused ;o) all 3 pictures are taken from roughly the same place at the bottom of Market Street.. line the shots up bylooking at all the three story buildings... these buildings are in all the pictures... Hope this helps :O)

Anonymous said...

The used car shop was Clayton and Connell(yes Sid Connell)Bill Clayton lived in the first house just up from The Rising Moon Matley Lane.

Tom said...

There is a name from the past.. Sid Connell... could do a full blog on him alone ha!..

Lizzy said...

I'll have to speak to my dad on this one!!!

Tom said...

I've just come across this in the Annals of Hyde...

"Mr. John Clarke, son of Captain Clarke, a short time ago sent to the writer the following story, which is given in his own words..
I remember fully 70 years ago, an old servant of ours saying
" When I was a lad in the gardens under the old squire I was afraid to be sent into Hyde after dark, up that Dark Lane. From the 'ten houses '
(now in Market Street and the original Red Pump Street of Hyde) to Gee Cross there were only three farmhouses, one of them paid an annual chief rent of one coupon, one leveret, and four barleycorns to the Hyde estate."

From The Annals Of Hyde

Hydonian said...

Lizzy , Alf Davies moved his shop further up Market Street when the original shop was demolished. I remember the one he moved to as I had my ears pierced there many years ago. :) I have a photo of the 2nd location somewhere.I'll post it when I find it .

Tom said...

We were sent a school football team photo this week from Peter Maugham, Peter went on to say the following: "My families roots date back to the Red Pump Street days, my 5 times great grandad lived in Hyde when he was married back in 1797, extremely proud of that."
Thanks for the pictue and this snippet as well...

Lizzy said...

Dear Tom, I must eat humble pie, you are quite correct about Alf Davies original shop in the 10 houses next to Mrs Thomas's the tobacannist. My dad went there just before his wedding day with 2/6d and asked for a pair of cufflinks. Alf Davies said he would be better of going to Woolworths"

Phil Hogan said...

The cross dressing landlord at the Ten Houses was called Harry Beddoes and his wife was called Brenda beddoes. I collected pots there while they worked there. Used to be a good night out they moved to ipswitch, Remember doing a sponsored walk with about 20 regulars from Buxton to The Ten houses and he used to have live bands on on a sunday.