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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Bike 'n' Hound

This is the side view of the Bike 'n' Hound pub taken from New Beech Street in Hyde. Just thought I'd show the very old brick/stonework contrasting with the "newish" paintwork. This pub was originally the Royal Albert and then later the Redhouse.


Look at the very old window sills and many windows and doorways(?)...I wonder if they were individual housing?

The Bike and Hounds now ABOVE

How it used to look BELOW


It seems this block was demolished when the motor way came through, most of the block was pulled down leaving the Royal Albert on the Corner of Hamnet Street and Beech Street... Clarendon Street now turns by the bus station and runs parallel with Beech Street.. the photo's Nancy as put on above show what would have once been the backs of the building that fronted Beech Street, the windows and doors hidden from view apart for the yard at the back of the building which were once there along with the Royal Abert and the opposite corner plot building where Onward pools were. The old map shows a square building on the corner.. and then 3 narrow buildings and ending with two small square buildings.  These are now all that is left of that block. 


ian... said...

Looks like it - I see what you mean. Must be old too. There aren't many stone terraces in the centre of Hyde.

Tom said...

I agree, it looks like the next widow down could have once been a door.. maybe these were true back-to-back. It ties in with the amount of rooms upstairs and just how wide the building is. There's a landing upstairs that is very uneven.... or was at one time. Even in the cellar walls have been bricked up.
It was as far as I recall always the Royal Albert until it changed to the Carpenters, and then the Bike & Hounds. The name the 'Red-House was only a nick name.. it was called that after a particular nasty fight which broke out one night... after which the walls were supposedly covered in blood... I know at one time bare knuckle fights were bet on around there... and when the fairs came to town this is where they once drank, and fights were organised and money bet on the outcome.. I remember seeing such fights in the 70s.. the local fighter was a Brian Layton, now deceased. I saw him fight there quite a few times..
I managed this pub in 1986-87 when Alf Beeley owned the pub and the Ten Houses... In fact it was here I met my Jane... I tell everyone that her dad sold her to me for couple of 'Rum & Blacks...
It was a villains pub at that time and been so for a number of years, not your mugger or thug villain you get about the town now... These were more career criminals, shop lifters who would call in at dinner time to take orders for goods, conmen planning away in one corner and robbers planning jobs over a game of pool... Many of them were violent men but fights were rare I'm happy to say.. A lot of the lads were gamblers.... they would not have enough to buy a drink at dinner time but would be quids in come teatime.. or the other way round. Most had tabs behind the bar and these would always be settled up with a few quid extra. Of course this was a pub that did well with 'lock ins' and serving after and before time. Well before 24 hour opening like now. I would sometimes shut the pub at 9 in the evening as it was dead and then wait until 3-4 O-clock in the early hours for the taxi lads to change over and call in... shutting at 7-8 in the morning... It was a strange pub, but I had some good times in there and many a good laugh. I could leave the till open and not a penny would go missing. Any kind of trouble was quickly sorted out for me... which was nice.. ha!
Now as the Bike and Hounds the pub as moved on to a new era, it as got to be one of the busiest town centre pubs now.. it is not the biggest pub but can at times pack them in.. Bands are now a regular feature of the place... and of course the bands go hand in hand with the bikers. here's topless barmaids one night a week... (I once tried that but was told to put my shirt back on..) Charity nights are often held here and do very well.. It is not the kind of pub to suit everyone.. but I have always found it to be a very friendly... and loud place.. If you have never been in there try to get down there one weekend... it is pubs such as this that will help to keep Hyde on the map and not become a 'ghost town' at night. Long may it remain open for business.

Hydonian said...

I never knew that the Red House was a nickname Tom! I always thought it was the actual name of the pub! That's a great piece of information!

Tom said...

I wonder if Dave as seen this.. I would have thought this pub and the nick-name is mentioned in his book.. I'm just checking out the map of that area Nancy and will do an up date .. in a while.

Dave Williams said...

Just seen your note Tom. the history of Hyde pubs says: 'The Royal Albert commemorates Prince Albert, the Consort of Queen Victoria, who died in 1861. The beerhouse licence dates back to around 1850. The first owner and licensee was Thomas Bridge, who was there for around ten years. He was followed by a succession of Woods: Samuel (1860-1864),Thomas (1864-1874),Jane (1874-1882), William (1882-1888) and finally Alfred (1888-1890) - quite a family business! After the last of the Woods, the Royal Albert was bought by the Philanthropic Burial Society of Hyde.'
It bears out your story of the walls being splattered with blood one night thus giving it the nickname the 'Red House', but no other name for the pub is mentioned......but then the book was printed as long ago as 1984.

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know - the left hand opening was a back door into a yard, then a window and then next opening was to the outside gents toilets the last opening was the window for the ladies loo's - I lived there when these where knocked down to make the road that runs at the side of the pub, and the tiolets where moved inside. The pool room (if its still there) was originally the living quarters and where the toilets are now was the kitchen, upstairs what now is the kitchen and living room was a single large "concert" room. I was around 11 when all this happened so it is over 35 years ago - god I feel old!!

Tom said...

Thanks so much for this info... I love to see any photo's you might have of this area... or to here of other memories you might have.. this blog is only as interesting as the pictures we come across and the memories and stories we can recall or are told about. Feel free to contact us any time..

Nikita Greenwood said...

My dad had this pub when it was called The Capenters! He also had The Lowrys in hyde!

Tom said...

Hi Nikita
I remember your Dad having this pub and calling in for a drink with him... I worked for your Dad at Lowry's and my did we argue... he sacked me about once a month... ha!
Nice to see you name popping up in the comments.. give my love to your Mum..

Anonymous said...

I remember being told in the 1950s that the " redhouse" nickname was because it was frequented by " ladies of night "

Sharon Hardy said...

I lived in the Red house from 1968 - 1982 after leaving the Brunswick on George Street, my Dad Peter Hardy and mum Beryl Hardy ran the pub and yes it was full of colourful characters and I remember Brian Layton. Although there were several fights on the whole it was a good place to be, my dad knocked the archway through to the pool room, Weekends were lock in time!! Many laughs were had (and fights of course). Some people may remember our resident dog Shandy as he was quite a well known hound in Hyde and greatly missed.

Christine Maden said...

Sadly I have come across this site following the death of my mum 2 days ago. She and my dad, Jean and Eddie Hett, along with me and my brother lived here. Not sure for how long but I was aged about 3 so around 1961. I remember well the living accommodation downstairs and the large function room (our playroom) upstairs. If you do know the dates I would love to hear from you.

Tom said...

Christine I am so sorry to here about your beautiful mother... I had the pleasure of working behind the bar in the Albion with her many years ago... a lovely lovely lady.