Hyde Name Origins.

The name "HYDE" is derived from the hide, a measure of land for taxation purposes, taken to be that area of land necessary to support a peasant family. In later times it was taken to be equivalent to 120 acres .
March 2014
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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Hyde Lads Club "Then and now".

The other day I walked down Travis Street, past where Hyde Lads Club used to stand. I was saddened to see that the site is now even blocked off to car parking !! Is this something to do with the ownership of the land being questioned? I was always led to believe that the club was left to the people of Hyde and therefore charging people to park on the site seemed wrong - I might be mistaken however ...

What a loss to the youngsters of Hyde that the land now stands empty. So much good could come of it if only the council would invest in something to take its place  for the Youth of Hyde and District .

Hyde Lads Club had football teams, boxing, judo, table tennis & basketball to mention a few activities. 
The Lads Club was demolished around 1993

Circa 1990

Circa 2010

Hyde Lads' Club commenced on 5 October 1928, utilising 2 rooms in Hyde Town Hall. The Club's founder was the Chief Constable of Hyde, J W A Danby. The Club soon moved to the Wesleyan Sunday School, as it was too popular for the Town Hall accommodation. There were 489 members by 1930. The Club's ethos was to provide a safe and "sound" outlet for the energies of the young men of the Borough. The Club ran football teams, physical training, boxing and games such as ping pong and bagatelle. In 1930 the Club moved to new premises in Beeley Street, where they remained until the building was demolished c1993, and the Club wound up. This building included a gymnasium, assembly room, games rooms, library, reading room and lecture rooms. The new Club was declared open by the Duke of Gloucester on 6 February 1930.

Thanks to The National Archives for the above information.

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