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by Brian Thornley
May 2015
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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The Junction Inn

The Junction Inn was situated at 150 Ashton Road in Newton. 
It was opened  in 1857 and was named after the new rail link at Hyde Junction which was run from the main Manchester to Sheffield route .

At the rear of the Junction there used to be a small factory making hats and many of the workers would call in for much needed refreshments.

 photo junctioninn.jpg

After much detective work by many people it appears that the postcard is of The Junction Inn which stood on the corner of New Mills Road and Chapel Road, Hayfield and NOT the one on Ashton Road as stated on the back. It was demolished about 1934/5. 
This piece of information comes from David Stafford.

Many Thanks, David :)


Hyde Lad said...

I'm sorry to disagree, but I am pretty sure this is not the Junction pub on Ashton Road in Hyde.
This one is on too much of a slope and the fa├žade is all wrong.

David Stafford. said...

Hyde Lad is correct: Rolla Oldham and his wife Mary Ann were the landlord and landlady of the Junction Inn in 1911.In any case, everything about the picture is wrong for it to be the Junction Inn on Ashton Road.

Hydonian said...

I actually thought so myself but wondered whether it could be taken from the side of the building with Ashton Road to the right?
On looking at google maps I can sort of accept that but it certainly isn't taken from the front entrance as it was in later years.. :)

Hydonian said...

P.S. It's on a postcard from Ebay with the location and Publicans name on the back so I just took it as gospel.

I'm happy to be corrected though if that is the case :)

Tom said...

I think I'm with Paul and Dave on this on Nancy... but at least it has had some of us checking.. ha!.. and it bought back memories of some funny Sunday nights in there...
Keep them coming it keeps us on our toes my sweet.. :O)

Kevin Parrott said...

The eBay seller of the postcard says the location is corner of Ashton Road & Victoria Street.
That places the pub where the Duke of Sussex is now.

Kevin Parrott said...

I'm wondering what H.W.S.S. means.

Trish said...

Hi Nancy,
its a great photo wherever it is!

Bill Lancashire said...

Could it be The Junction in Mottram?

Albert Cracklers said...

Why all the fuss. The picture is dated 14th April 1911,the census for that year was taken only twelve days previously on Sunday 2nd of April. The publican then was Rolla Oldham,so unless Thomas Knight moved into the pub between the 2nd and the 14th, it cannot be the Junction Inn on Ashton Road. Nor according to all Ordnance Survey maps I have seen was there a street running up the right hand side of the Junction Inn.

Seth Devanport. said...

Looks more like the junction at Otley

Hyde Lad said...

Do we know if there is any maker's name on the back. If the maker's name is D.W.S.S, then it is not from round these parts as I have never come across that name on any PC I have seen.

Graham Manifold. said...

D.W.S.S,stands for Hoof Wall Seperation Syndrome. There use to be many groups who owned horses that met at pubs and clubs.

David Stafford. said...

The pub you all appear to be looking for is the Junction Inn, which stood on the corner of New Mills Road and Chapel Road, Hayfield. It was demolished about 1934/5.

jenny roberts said...

It's not the Junction in Mottram. I looked on old mas and the Duke of Sussex has always had that name so it's not that either. The trade directories for 1911 and 1914 don't show any landlord with the name of Thomas Knight or another Junction inn in Hyde apart from the one at 150 Ashton Rd which is brick not stone. I don't think it's round here at all.

Hydonian said...

Fantastic bit of detective work by you all.
Thank you :)

Trish said...

Well done to David Stafford. Just to add to the info from David, listed on the Census for 1911, address Junction Inn Hayfield Derbyshire.
Thomas Knight age 62 Innkeeper born in Drayton Norfolk abt 1849
Wife Annie age 49 born in Surrey
They had only been married one year in 1911 according to the census