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Tuesday, 6 August 2013


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Another building in Hyde left empty.. with little sign of it opening in the near future. I recently read that the multistory car park is to be demolished. The area has been earmarked for sometime as a place suitable for retail development.. I wonder just what Tameside Council have planned for the town in the long term. Without a full scale attack on T.M.B.C. I wonder what you would like to see done to improve our town.  


Sharnhorst said...

You can be sure that it is not going to be anything that will overshadow Ashton. When the council planned the market with only a small number of stalls it was clear that they had no future plan to make Hyde a shopping competitor of Ashton. All the towns that make up Tameside have been relegatied in the shopping sense to make Ashton the number one shopping attraction in Tameside.Only Denton, once nothing but a place to pass through on the way to Manchester, is a far better shopping centre than Hyde. I don't know if this is because the councillors from Denton fought tooth and nail for their town agaist Tameside Council, but whatever the truth, we in Hyde have suffered at the hands of Tameside ever since the district was established. Labour or Tory, not one town councillor can honestly say that he or she fought tooth and nail to preserve our market and many of the towns historic buildings. We have lost many beautiful building so that the land could be used for car parking to fill the coffers of Tameside Council

Chris Han said...

I've never been inside the Astoria, then again I've never had any interest in bingo.
Although I do remember about 20 years ago, my neighbour, the recently passed away Pat Miles, winning a very large prize of £93,000 at the place.

I also read the wonderful news that the horrendous concrete carbuncle, which is the multi-story is to go.

Rock Ape said...

One tactial nuke might do the trick,couldn't make it any worse!

Trish said...

I saw the Hollies at the Astoria in the early sixties, I am sure it was a New years eve, does anyone else remember them being at the Astoria?

Paul in Perth said...

It's15 years since I left Hyde I do miss it often but I won't miss the multi-story car park except for the big puddle at the top good fun on a BMX and in a car.
In my opinion I don't think Tameside Council will be happy until Hyde Town hall is demolished and the ground loosely leveled to make another cheaply constructed yet expensive place to park.

Werneth Low said...

I remember the Astoria as the Scala cinema and saw some good stuff there as a kid. I recall too when it became a bingo place. Have to say though it is a bit of an eyesore now.

I hope the comment about getting rid of the town hall is just talk. It represents who and what I am and I love every brick of it. I grew up in the days when Hyde was a proud, respectable municipal borough and the town hall, market hall, lads'club, theatre royal, library and so many other places represented the things that mattered in life. Mind you, and I say this tongue in cheek, they can shift that hideous seal anytime they like. I know what it represents and I was once a member of Hyde Seal myself, but it's so out of place and in contrast with the lovely sculpture representing the Chartist Movement.

Anonymous said...

The town hall in hyde will not be closing as that is where hyde library is moving into and they are closing that beautiful buildingafter xmas.The art gallery was moved last year to ashton.

Werneth Low said...

Hyde library closing?? How dare they ans where the hell are they going to put it in the town hall. TMBC are systematically destroying my hometown.

More importantly though, what will become of the library building? It's by far the most architecturally beautiful in the whole of Hyde.

Marjorie said...

Don't move the seal, I worked so hard to get the club recognised, and in the face of opposition from a now deceased councillor.

werneth low said...

I did say it tongue in cheek and I know how important it is to the town's history but couldn't it go on Union Street near where the baths were?

JohnT said...

Isn't the library a listed building? If not it should be, it's a beautiful building. I hope that it won't be demolished after all the money that was spent on the refurbishment a few years ago.

I agree with Werneth Low regarding the systematic destruction of the infrastructure of Hyde. TMBC appear to be only interested in Ashton.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how hyde is changing like this! Everything is going to the dogs its unbelievable :(