Picture Of Hyde Grammar School Building
by Brian Thornley
May 2015
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Thursday, 2 July 2015

Hyde Festival Theatre What's Coming Up

Two shows coming up in November at Hyde Festival Theatre,

Smokey Joe’s CafĂ© is the songs of Leiber and Stoller. 

 All the 50's classics, a fun night where the audience can join in!

Sunday Night Fever will be an extravaganza featuring Emmerdale's Bob Hope, who is also bring his own band White Van Man.  The surrounding streets will be rocking!

Also in November ..Little Shop of Horrors by PAP Productions

A panto in December by Hyde Little Theatre
Next March Hyde Musical Society will be performing Into the Woods

If you look to the side on the right I have a places set up now to inform people what is happening at Hyde  Festival  Theatre. Let everything good in Hyde it needs protecting and support, so if we get the chance to get go, lets just do that.

Monday, 29 June 2015

Thou beauty Spot, Dear Werneth Low

Werneth Low, Hyde.

Thou beauty spot, dear Werneth Low
Upon thy hill I love to roam
Where the refreshing breezes blow
Thou art my favourite haunt, I own

I've often heard the lark's sweet song
And the thrushes in the clough below
And the little ones twittering all day long
When wandering on dear Werneth Low.

Nine hundred feet above the sea
She stands decked in a mantle green
And from the height there could not be
A view more gracious to be seen

I've been there in the morning grey

And watch the sun rise o'er hill
To see him mount his heavenly way
It does my soul with rapture fill

I've often been at eventide

To watch the sun before it sets
And view the country far and wide
A scene I cannot soon forget

And then I bid the scene farewell
And once again I homeward go
On thee I could for ever dwell
Thou beauty spot, dear Werneth Low

Pictures by
Brian Thornley

Monday, 22 June 2015

Chimney Down

Today's update is a video clip sent in from a regular visitor to the blog... over to Stephen.


Click to enlarge.

Its a view of the chimney on the land of the old A B C wax company coming down. Taken From A.P. Patterns Clarendon Industrial Estate, Clarendon Road Hyde. Saturday Morning 08/11/2014, its probably one of the last in Hyde? 
Stephen Roberts

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Mottram Old Road, Viaduct

I came across this picture last week whilst searching for something completely different. I have never seen this before. It shows the viaduct on Mottram Old Road between Gee Cross and Hattersley. It states it shows the dismantling of railway tunnels, after construction of cutting and viaduct. The picture as taken by a Mr. Maurice Marshall and dates 1907.
Can anyone add any more information about this, I've never heard of these tunnels before.

Monday, 8 June 2015



Peel Street / Stockport Road

Gee Cross, Hyde

Are hosting a "YEARS GONE BY" event.

Craft Stalls and Refreshments

On  Saturday 20th June
(  11am  -  2pm  )

Come along and share memorabilia you may have. Family Records are being made available to view. Also a display of photographs for over the years.
We would love to see you and Share memories, or just pop in for a cuppa and chat.
All Welcome
Posted On Behalf Of the Church


I received an email this evening which I think needed adding to this weeks posting. Over to Andrew.

I recall the old chapel and its adjacent hall and did manage to visit the place in the early 90s. The reason was because Woodley Methodist Players (a local amateur dramatic society now known as Woodley Players) purchased some redundant lighting equipment formerly used at Zion and is still in use today. I remember the stage and the
men's snooker room down below. The buildings hadn't been modernised to any great extent and was a very interesting place to explore. I wish I had visited more often whilst it was still in use.

Anyway, I have a few of the shots of the buildings during the latter stages of later demolition. I do recall there used to be a vintage cast iron sign on the chapel wall which directed you to Hyde Hospital. Sadly it disappeared when the initial stripping out began. I hope it still survives.
Although it was a shame the chapel and hall had to go, (such places are a rarity these days), I'm sure the new
facilities would have been a big improvement in terms of maintenance and upkeep.

Kind regards, Andrew

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Arthur Wilde, Projectionist and collector.

Today post is courtesy of Andrew who kindly got in touch and offered to send some items of interest in... and as you see he did!.

The photographs seem to date from the 1970s and include a great shot of the man himself "ARTHUR WILDE" in the Royal 2 box with "Albert". I presume this would be Albert Breakey, whose family were heavily involved in the theatre in earlier times.

Arthur Wilde in the Royal 2 box with Albert

The other picture features one of the Westrex 2000 projectors housed in the Royal 1 box, with Arthur in traditional pose.

Arthur Wilde in traditional pose

The pictures were part of a job-lot which were offered for sale on Ebay. It would appear that following Arthur's death in 2013, his personal effects in his home were disposed off, including his own private cinema. Although I understand his projectors etc were sold early on, the photos and other ephemera were put to one side by the dealer and have only recently resurfaced.
Although it was sad that some of Arthur's effects were to end up as the contents of a house clearance, at least these important archives will continue to show how things were at the Theatre Royal.

Theatre Royal, Hyde  by Harry Rutherford

Andrew is of course right, it is sad... but how much stuff in the past must have gone off to the tip at these sad times. One man's rubbish is another man's treasures, and some of the items that have been donated to this blog have indeed been rescued, social history being save for ever as got to be a good thing.

Thank you Andrew for having the good sense to bid on this lot, and then be kind enough to share with others.  

Wednesday, 27 May 2015


Today's post is from Margaret Ibbotson (nee Collins) and comes all the way from New Zealand, over to Margaret.

I am an ex-resident of Hyde, now living in New Zealand, while going through the Hyde Blog site I came across a photograph of someone who was in Hyde Roads C.C. (Wilf) at the same time as my brother, MICHAEL COLLINS.
I have several photos which my brother took during the 1950's while in the club. I would be interested to know if any of them are still around, probably all in their late 70's.

From Left: Brian Martin sitting, Wilf, Bill Hurd? Lady unknown.

Dimmingsdale Sept.1956

Lex, Far Left Background, Wilf  &  Bill Hurd

Brian Martin & Bill Hurd

From Left: Brian Martin, Bill Hurd & Michael Collins

From Left; Bill Hurd, Bob Stafford & Margaret C.

Wilf, Alton Towers Sept 1956

Bill Hurd Alton Towers Sept 1956

Bill Hurd 1950's

The original posting of Hyde Road C.C. can be found by using the search box top-right 

If you have any information, memories and photographs please leave a comment or send me an email.

UPDATED 28th May 2015

Bill Howarth Hyde R.C.

Bill Howarth  of the Hyde R. C.  One of the best riders of his time who is now 92 and has only recently stopped riding 

Bill's Son Neil Howarth 'Centre' Hyde Olympic 1974

Paul duckworth from Duckworth Cycles Hyde which is no longer there,  it's a small car park at the end of Water Street, across the way from B&Q

Bill's Son, Neil Howarth  'Centre' I.O.M. 1976

Stephen Wilkinson, Hyde & still winning races like he did last week.

Last but not least of this update, is a picture of the late, great, Graham Harrison known to his friends as 'Moggy'.  Seen here 'front-left riding for Viking.

My thanks to Neil Howarth for these pictures.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Poisoning At Godley

A Poisoning Mystery At Godley
From the book


By Thomas Middleton 

Godley Hill was the scene of a brutal poisoning case during the 1840s, which resulted in the death of a man named Brook.  This man and his sons were coal miners, and lived in a small house on Godley Hill.  Brook’s wife became intimate with a pedlar, and some time after the commencement of this intimacy Brook died suddenly.  Then the widow married the pedlar, and the two lived very unhappily for several years.   At length the pedlar went to Chief Constable Little, of Hyde, and made a confession.  He stated that Brooks’s death was the result of poison, and that he (the pedlar) had purchased arsenic from a druggist in Stalybridge; that Mrs. Brook administered the poison to her husband by mixing it with a pudding which he ate, and that a piece of the pudding which was left was afterwards thrown away, and eaten by some hens belonging to Israel Stott, who at that time kept the Olive Tree Inn – the hens all dying from the effects of poison.  Brooks body was exhumed, and an inquiry instituted.  Mr. Lancashire, the coffin maker, testified that the coffin exhumed was the one which he had buried Brooks; Israel Stott testified to the loss of his poultry; a potion of Brook’s stomach was given to Dr. Alcock, of Hyde, and another potion to Prof. Calvert, Analytical Chemist, of Manchester, and both these gentlemen testified that the stomach contained arsenic.  The evidence against the pedlar and his wife seemed condemning, but at trial both prisoners were acquitted on a point of law as to the testimony of the husband against the wife, and the wife against the husband.   The public however, were convinced of their guilt. There was a ballad composed concerning the above tragedy, which runs as follows:

Oh, give attention, both young and old,
To these few verses which I unfold,
It’s of a murder, as you know,
Which was committed six years ago.

The neighbours all do remember still
That one J. Brooks lived on Godley Hill
For many years free from pain and strife,
Till he was poisoned by his own wife.

This wretched women, you’ll understand,
Kept company with another man;
Her faithful husband she did betray,
And cruelly took his life away.

How could she harbour it in her mind
to slay a husband so good and kind?
He was respected by each degree,
And laboured hard in a colliery.

‘Twas Satan tempted his wretched wife.
With deadly poison to take his life,
Of which she gave him, good people all,
But no suspicion on her did fall.

Poor Brooks was buried, you’ll understand,
And she got wed to this other man;
Robert Thornley is his name,
And he assisted her in the same.

They had been parted a year or more,
His guilty conscience being wounded sore
By night or day he could find no rest,
So to the murder he now confessed.

Then she was taken and brought to Hyde,
The dreadful murder she has denied,
But Thornley has confessed the whole
And God above knows her guilty soul.

In Mottram Churchyard, as I have heard,
His moldered body was disinterred,
The stomach carefully was analysed,
At which result you will be surprised.

The poison found by the medical men,
As much, they say, as would poison ten;
What a wretched partner must she be
To slay the father of her family.

They’re both committed, in woe and wail,
For wilful murder to Chester Jail,
To stand their trial for the horrid deed
Which causes their wicked hearts to bleed.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Hedge Laying At Pole Bank

My thanks once again to David Barlow and The Friends Of Pole Bank Hall for this video showing some of The Friends having a lesson in Hedge Laying.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Barlova Limited


Barlova was once made and packaged in Hyde, their factory was situated on Cheapside ...... The above 'Blue Label Blend' 8oz tin would have set you back 1'10 (1 Shilling and 10 Pence) less than 10p now. 


It was a powered drink, " A Blend Of Malt, Milk & Egg. Chocolate Flavour. What I liked on the tin was this: Made & Packed In Gt. Britain By Barlova Limited, Hyde, Cheshire,  " The Dairy County ".


I can find very little information about this company from it's time in Hyde... 'Barlova' as a trademark now belongs to a company from Canada called Bedessee Imports Ltd. The Barlova trademark is filed in the 'Staple Foods Products, and Light Beverage Products categories. Their food products are Barley Flour, Barley Malt Flour, Rice Flour, Tapioca Products,Corn Flour, Wheat Flour, and Instant Coffee and Cocoa.

I have now spoke to two people that recall drinking this... and both enjoyed it.. and considered it a night-time treat. One recalled another of there drinks being a dark malt drink that was favoured by her dad.. If you know anyone who recalls this company and their products let us know please.

Barlova Items Belonging To Neil Oldham

Interesting Label About The War

These are in fantastic condition.

Over to Sharon Oldham, Neil's wife:
Thought I'd just share these with you that came into my husbands possession several weeks ago, he originally had four but gave one to his father, Though Barlova factory in Cheapside Hyde is well documented above, 
it only has pictures of the Blue powder tins and not these tablets below. Hope this may be of interest to some.

There's a jingle from 1962 by Barry Gray, Barlova (Malted Milk Drink) it can be downloaded from Amazon which is worth listening to for a giggle

Sunday, 5 October 2014


Due to health and other commitments this blog is now closed, but will still be here as an archive for Hydonians to look through when ever you choose to.

Facebook has a number of groups that might be of interest 

Hyde Community Onward

Pole Bank Hall Cheshire

Hyde Memories 

Memories Of Hyde & Newton

Thank you all who contributed to this archives, to those that have supported it and to all that have been involved. 

Tom Wigley

Monday, 29 September 2014

More from Pole Bank

Another video kindly sent in by email for used all to see and enjoy the on going work to get Pole Bank Grounds up to speck.

Pole Bank Hall Cheshire, is also a Facebook Group which some might find an interesting place page to view what is happening and when. Hopefully some might want to join in the good work.

My thanks to David Barlow for the video.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Help Needed

Interesting request that came in through the emails...
A request for information from Gillian Johnson on behalf of her mother, over to Gillian.
My mum, now 89 years young fondly remembers visiting relatives on Market Street, Hyde round about 1935 - 40. She had lost both her own parents and thinks probably family members "took it in turn" to have her to stay sometimes.

My mum recalls visiting Beryl Wood who she thinks was a similar age her, maybe a bit older, Mums memories are full of kindnesses and playing under the table!,  there was a shop on Market Street- maybe a sweet or toy shop, that was owned by Beryls grandparents who were named Knowles and their daughter was Nellie who married Cyril Wood and they lived on Gower Road. Nellie died and Cyril married Edith. Mum recalls Cyril was a market trader, she thinks selling Biscuits.
She would love to know what happened to them as they were all so kind to her when her life living with her Uncle Harry was quite difficult. I don't know if any of your followers have any memories that would help me find more information as I have been unable to turn up anything so far.

Beryl Wood

I am quite a novice at this kind of thing, but mum has previously contacted the press and over sixties clubs in the area with no luck. Hoping you can help.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Demolition Of The Fire Station And Health Clinic.

When emails come in I never know what will turn up... to say I was pleased with this contact is an understatement. 

Over to Richard Thornley.  "I came across these pictures recently when I was tidying up. I worked for the construction company that built Asda in Hyde. I took these photographs while the demolition of the old Fire Station and Health Clinic was going on. Many of the materials like slates, cast iron guttering and drainpipes and even some of the interior were sold off prior to the demolition. While we were carrying out the demolition of the Fire Station, we came across a stone plaque commemorating the opening of the station. I contacted Hyde Fire Station, and we carefully removed the plaque and transported it to the new Fire Station where they installed it in reception.  I hope these picture are of some use to you."

Richard Thornley  

All I can say is well done to all involved in saving this Plaque, this important bit of Hydes History could have been lost for ever if these workers had not had the sense to save it.

The old Health Clinic
What a fine looking building this was... it would have been the envy of many a local council to have such a building in it's town centre. The next few pictures are quite sad to see... can you believe those grand pillars and top couldn't be saved... 

I asked Richard how come the stone work was demolished, and his answer was simple...  

Richard said  "They did try to sell the pillars & surrounding stonework,  but couldn't find a buyer in time.  

Unfortunately they were knocked down and then put through a stone crusher and used under the car park"

What a shame, such a sad sight.

I'd like to say thank you to Richard for these great pictures and documenting the demise of these iconic Hyde buildings, and for having the hindsight to save the Fire Station Plaque and making sure it was safely removed to the Station on Railway Street.