Hyde Name Origins.

The name "HYDE" is derived from the hide, a measure of land for taxation purposes, taken to be that area of land necessary to support a peasant family. In later times it was taken to be equivalent to 120 acres .
March 2014
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Monday, 14 April 2014

Lowry's Nightclub ..... Revisited.

I recently received an email from John Bennet, the name was familiar to me  but at first I could not put a face to it.... as soon as I started to read the email I taken back 30-plus years to my time as a doorman at Lowry's Nightclub Grafton Street Hyde. 

Lowry's From Clarendon Road

Over to John ...
I've just spent many hours reading through your web page on Hyde and Newton. Yours is a fabulously informative site.
 I was even more amazed to find a section on "Lowry's" nightclub, Hyde, in the years I was the club's resident DJ-1979-1980. I am now wondering if the writer of the Lowry's piece, along with the editor of the website, would like some bits and pieces to do with the club, for future insertion.

I chat to Carol, once wife of Alan, and her sister, Lynn a lot and we share great memories on Facebook.

Perhaps you could mention me on site, Lowry's was one of the happiest, funniest and brilliant places to work!!"
Best wishes
John Bennett
sloopjohnrb Radio Caroline North

Lowry's Notepaper with attached 'Radio Caroline Night' ticket 

Lowry's Monday 60s Night Ticket ... Legendary

Advert for Radio Caroline night

Lowry's Very Own Rocking Gran
Thank you John for this trip down memory lane... I'm sure there will be many who recall you and the Monday nights music... I'd forgot all about Rocking Gran.... Lowry's does pop up a lot on Facebook.... and apart from the stickiness of the carpet,  it is recalled with fondness by many.
Lowry's helped other businesses to do well, The likes of The Albion, Jolly Carter, The Queens Hotel, Cheshire Cheese, The Clarendon,  Church Inn, The Crown, Ring 'O' Bells, The Clarks, The Lamb, The Werneth, The Railway, The Ten Houses, The Hallbottom, The Bay Horse, Cheshire Cheese Newton, The Junction, The Ducki Arms... The Four In Hand, The New Inn,  even The Kings Head from Denton all had groups arriving in Tameside Taxi's.. I'm sure many more pubs benefited as well. All the local takeaways and Restaurants did well and started to stay open later. As mentioned Tameside Taxi's did very well.... most night the carpark was like a rank with taxi's dropping off or parked up awaiting a fair. I myself got to know so many of the drivers at this time.... some I am happy to see still behind the wheel... but each of them that worked Hyde rank tell me the same.... Hyde at that time was where the money was. All because one Alan Greenwood (R.I.P.) had the idea of nightclub in Hyde centre.    

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Todays post is from Scott Nelson.

Scott says "
I very much enjoy the old pictures, and some not so old, pictures of Hyde and surrounding area. I've been transferring some old (well not very) pictures to a new computer and came across a few I had taken with my then, new 'phone from the top of the multi-storey car park in Hyde.

They show the view across the Clarendon Place rooftop towards Flowery Field Church, over the Beeley Street car parks and Iceland towards St. Georges Church, and Social Security building/Supermarket with John Grundy house and The Queens at either side.

Given that it's now wrapped up prior to becoming a chicken outlet, the chance to take photos like these has now past."

Thanks Scott, I've never been a fan of the car-park... but it served a purpose. As for KFC I know I'll like that less... far to many food outlets, and most of them stink.  What a shame to see the town going the way it is at the moment.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Frank Wortley Pinkerton (Sergeant Pilot)

Frank Wortley Pinkerton was a Hyde man, born in 1913. Before WW11 he was working at the Leathercloth Division of 
I.C.I. Newton.

During the war he was a Sergeant Pilot with 12 Squadron RAF at Wickenby. On the night of 29th/30th March 1943 he was the pilot of Lancaster Bomber W4858, coded PH-A, on an attack on Berlin. The aircraft was hit by flak over the target, and on the homeward leg both starboard engines failed while they were over Holland. Sgt Pinkerton gave the order to abandon the aircraft, and he kept the crippled bomber steady while his crew baled out, being the last one to jump when they were all clear.

Of the seven crew, two were killed,  and four were taken prisoner, leaving only Sgt Pinkerton to evade capture. He was helped by the Dutch resistance movement to get to Belgium, and from there a network of people guided him, mainly on foot, through Belgium, France, across the Pyrenees into neutral Spain, and home via Gibraltar.

On his return to Britain he took up his duties with the RAF again, and gained a Commission in October 1944. After the war he took up a career in civil aviation with British European Airways. He was married in 1945, and they had their first child, Robert, the following year.

On August 19th 1949, Captain Pinkerton was flying ex-RAF  BEA Dakota G-AHCY  From Belfast to Ringway, Manchester, with 2 other crewmembers and 29 passengers. Due to a navigational error, they descended  through cloud on their approach to Ringway and crashed into Wimberry Stones Brow, Dovestones, Saddleworth. 

The crew of 3 and 21 of the 29 passengers were killed as the aircraft disintegrated and caught fire. Workers from the nearby Greenfield paper mill were amongst the first to arrive at the scene to assist the injured. 

An undercarriage leg at the bottom of the slope and a few small scraps higher up at the crash site is the only remaining evidence of the terrible accident today. 

Looking Down from the crash site

Looking up to the crash site

At the time of the crash, Mrs Pinkerton was expecting their 2nd son, Richard. Their home was at Wallasey. In his pre war days, Frank was a keen hiker, and by coincidence the area where he crashed was one of his favourite walks.

Thank you to David Hamilton  for this excellent post.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Albert Rushton


I am the Grandson of Alfred Rushton.
As there has been so much interest of WW1 recently I looked again at various aspects of his life. I knew he had a connection with the Newton cricket club. Also his name appears on the Victoria Street monument. If anyone reading this could supply any further information of my Grandfather I would be most grateful.

Many thanks Eddie.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Hyde Motor Club

In the emails this week Keith contacted us about the above club... 

Does anybody remember Hyde Motor Club. It was started after WW2. It was for cars and motorcycles.
I joined about 1955 with a BSA Bantam. The club joined with Macclesfield Trials Club sometime in the 1980s and lost its identity.
Keith Mellor

I've not heard about this club myself, but hopefully you have memories and information we can share with Keith..  
I have since found out the club is still up and running: ..... but now it seems to be just for Trials Riding.

Trials unlike most motorcycle sport has nothing to do with out and out speed but more to do with balance and throttle control. The club has been around under the Macclesfield name for around 15 years, before that it was the Macclesfield and Hyde club and before that the Hyde motor club which can be traced back to 1953.We run around 11 trials every year in and around Macclesfield

if your interested in having ago or taking a look at the cheapest motor sport visit the macc website.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Gleams of Sunshine

We have had an email from  Peter Furnish which someone might find of interest.

I have just read your blog about the Gleams of Sunshine.
I used to live in Manchester (a true Mancunian born and in Higher Blackley) and my grand-folks lived in Allen Avenue, Gee Cross. I migrated to Western Australia in 1972 and then in 2012 went to live in southern Tasmania with my wife Linda. I will be 71 in January but still remember my roots in Lancashire.
Grandad was John/Jack Collinson and Grandma was Maud. When I came to Australia they gave me two original 'Gleams of Sunshine' written by my great grandfather James Leigh. Both books are in good condition and are over a hundred years old. Jack was a very skilled calligrapher and used to the do the book keeping for one of the merchants in Hyde When he retired he was asked to go back part-time to continue his book-keeping, which I believe he did. I think it was called 'copperplate' writing at the time. He was also a skilled water-colour artist and produced many beautiful pictures. He tried to teach me his skills with water-colours to no avail. I am okay with the writing and am a skilled black and white (Inked) drawing artist so maybe something did rub off in the end.
When the grand folks moved from Allen Avenue they went to live in a group of old cottages opposite where the trolley bus used to turn around on the Hyde to Romily main road and go back to Hyde. The end cottage to where my grandparents lived evidently used to be an old Smithy. These cottages had been renovated but as I hazily remember they still had low ceilings and oak beams, steep stairs to the upstairs bedrooms and small windows.
 Due to a bad back and lots of surgery my savings are depleted and I am in the position that I wish to sell one of my 'Gleams of Sunshine' and wondered if you are aware of anybody who might be interested in purchasing one of these copies (Originals)?

If anyone is interested in contacting Peter about one of these books then send in an email and I will pass it on. The book shown above is not the one for sale, that one's mine.


Friday, 3 January 2014

Hyde Library To Close

Well the writing is on the wall for the library building... it will either be leased out or sold.. I'm not sure which to be honest. The Library will be moved to the Town Hall.
Link to a PDF Document  "gotocentres111213" below


centres - Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council

Another great old building which should be for the benefit of of the townsfolk is going to be lost in the near future. Be it leased out or sold either way we the people will have no right to walk around the building as we should. Isn't it a good job money was spent on the buildings refurbishment a few years back... other wish it might not be up to standards.. or was that the plan all the time? 

Will this mean that money will be spent on the Town Hall , work is surely needed to stop the stonework and brickwork from decaying any more.. the clock and bells need work and the removal of years of pigeon droppings in the bell tower needs to be done or so I have been informed. 

Hyde like many of the towns in Tameside is a shadow of how it was... and are left to tick over on the scraps that not being spent on Ashton, or many (to many) councilors expenses. 

Knowledge, thoughts and comments on this matter will be appreciated, as long as they are relevant to this post and not at each other everyone one is welcome to voice their opinion.    

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Panto Pictures From 1949

The last post for 2013 comes all the was from Australia... sent in from Joe and showing his wife to be as a young girl in Pantomime in 1949. Lovely pictures, great costumes and sets.

OVER TO JOE: Some photos of my wife, Jean Wilde, for the Hydonian blog site.  Maybe someone knows others who were in these pantomimes.  Panto was held in the church hall in Gee Cross.

Jean Wilde (aged about 8) is kneeling in front row, fourth from the right.

Same panto - Jean Wilde is sitting in front row, second from right. 

Jean and I moved to Australia in 1964 with our two daughters and settled in Canberra.
Cheers and happy new year,
Joe Wilde

UPDATED 03/01/14

From Eric In New Zealand

On second photo reading from the Right on back row they are: Jean Goddard, Cora Wilson, Marjorie Bennison, ?, ?, ?, Dorothy Newton, ?, Margaret Morris,  Joan Stafford, Joan Wimpenny, Marjorie Baddeley, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?.

Happy New Year To One And All

Thank you for sticking by us, and putting up with the last few months, I cannot see the blog being done on a daily basis in the near future... I personally have not the time or inclination to carry on as before , but will post at least once a month. I do check the emails but cannot answer them all.. What I must do in the New Year is to show a few of the comments I had to block, these comments have gradually got worse.... some I could not publish as they are horrid, nasty and some even downright filthy. I do hope the people/person responsible can move on next year.. What a shame this year as to end on such a matter... but these comments have taken the toll on us and we ask ourselves at times 'Why Bother'...  Lets hope this time next year our final post as a much happier tone to it.


Sunday, 15 December 2013

Cheshire Regiment in Hyde.

Request For Information

In the emails this week was the following..

I would be very pleased if one of the readers could answer my dilemma.

Attached are two photos of a contingent of the Cheshire Regiment in Hyde.
I don't know the actual occasion for this visit or when but guess its in the 70's as the second picture shows SHMD buses at the Glossop stop in Greenfield Street and a SELNEC bus just turning in to Greenfield Street from Great Norbury Street.
Many thanks Eric

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Altered Images

Mill Cottages

Gee Cross Mill

View From Hobson Moor

Auto Masters

Garden Street

Woodend Lane By Gaslight 

Ashton Brothers Last Stand

The Grapes

Werneth Low Road

Cobbled Street

Hyde Pit Head