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Monday, 14 April 2014

Lowry's Nightclub ..... Revisited.

I recently received an email from John Bennet, the name was familiar to me  but at first I could not put a face to it.... as soon as I started to read the email I taken back 30-plus years to my time as a doorman at Lowry's Nightclub Grafton Street Hyde. 

Lowry's From Clarendon Road

Over to John ...
I've just spent many hours reading through your web page on Hyde and Newton. Yours is a fabulously informative site.
 I was even more amazed to find a section on "Lowry's" nightclub, Hyde, in the years I was the club's resident DJ-1979-1980. I am now wondering if the writer of the Lowry's piece, along with the editor of the website, would like some bits and pieces to do with the club, for future insertion.

I chat to Carol, once wife of Alan, and her sister, Lynn a lot and we share great memories on Facebook.

Perhaps you could mention me on site, Lowry's was one of the happiest, funniest and brilliant places to work!!"
Best wishes
John Bennett
sloopjohnrb Radio Caroline North

Lowry's Notepaper with attached 'Radio Caroline Night' ticket 

Lowry's Monday 60s Night Ticket ... Legendary

Advert for Radio Caroline night

Lowry's Very Own Rocking Gran
Thank you John for this trip down memory lane... I'm sure there will be many who recall you and the Monday nights music... I'd forgot all about Rocking Gran.... Lowry's does pop up a lot on Facebook.... and apart from the stickiness of the carpet,  it is recalled with fondness by many.
Lowry's helped other businesses to do well, The likes of The Albion, Jolly Carter, The Queens Hotel, Cheshire Cheese, The Clarendon,  Church Inn, The Crown, Ring 'O' Bells, The Clarks, The Lamb, The Werneth, The Railway, The Ten Houses, The Hallbottom, The Bay Horse, Cheshire Cheese Newton, The Junction, The Ducki Arms... The Four In Hand, The New Inn,  even The Kings Head from Denton all had groups arriving in Tameside Taxi's.. I'm sure many more pubs benefited as well. All the local takeaways and Restaurants did well and started to stay open later. As mentioned Tameside Taxi's did very well.... most night the carpark was like a rank with taxi's dropping off or parked up awaiting a fair. I myself got to know so many of the drivers at this time.... some I am happy to see still behind the wheel... but each of them that worked Hyde rank tell me the same.... Hyde at that time was where the money was. All because one Alan Greenwood (R.I.P.) had the idea of nightclub in Hyde centre.