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Sunday, 27 December 2015



This is the start of our Groups Campaign is get our Town Hall flying flags in a respectful and working way.

This is an ongoing situation which as been brought to the attention of local town councils a number of times, over the last year or two, and nothing as of yet been done to rectify the disgraceful image of our Union Flag looking like it's hung in a war zone.
It has been stated there is some kind of Health & Safety issue... well then surely the powers that be have had more than enough time to sort this. Tameside advertise Hyde Town Hall on it's webpage along with other civic building under the heading of " Unforgettable Venues "

" Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council has a wonderful wealth in relation to its portfolio of public buildings that have generously been described as being iconic venues "

Seems to me the Flag Pole and the Flying The Flag in a respectful manner as been FORGOTTEN.

Protocol for Flag Flying on Tameside MBC Buildings
(As Approved by the Council in June 1974 and Amended in September 2009)
The Council last formally reviewed its flag-flying protocol in 1974 on the establishment of Tameside MBC. The protocol follows guidance issued by the Department for Culture, Media and Sports (DCMS) and its predecessor Departments. The Union Flag is flown at full-mast all year round on all civic buildings in the Borough which have a flag pole, these are:

Ashton Town Hall;
Concord Suite, Droylsden;
Denton Town Hall;
Dukinfield Town Hall;
George Lawton Hall, Mossley;
Hyde Town Hall;
Mottram Court House; and
Stalybridge Civic Hall

Protocol For Flag Flying

1. The Union Flag is to be flown at full mast on civic buildings all year (together with other flags where in accordance with the protocol, for example the Cross of St George being flown on St George’s Day).

2. Death and Funeral Commemoration

The Union Flag will be flown at half mast (from 8am until sunset) on the following occasions across all buildings unless stated otherwise:

Death of The Sovereign – from announcement of death to day of the funeral except on Proclamation Day when the flag will be hoisted to full mast from 11am until sunset on all buildings.
Death of a member or near relative of the Royal Family or the funeral of members of the Royal Family – subject to special command from Her Majesty.
The funerals of Prime Ministers and former Prime Minister – subject to special command from Her Majesty.
The funerals of Foreign Rulers - subject to special command from Her Majesty.
Death of a Lord Lieutenant or Deputy Lieutenant of Greater Manchester – day of funeral on all buildings.
Death of a serving Mayor, Mayoress, Deputy Mayor or Deputy Mayoress - day of death to day of funeral on all buildings.
Death of a serving Member of Tameside Council – day of death to day of funeral on all buildings.
Death of a former Member of Tameside Council and former Mayor or Mayoress of Tameside – day of funeral on all buildings.
Death of a former Member of a predecessor district or county council (including ex Mayor, Chairman, Mayoress or Chairman’s Lady of one of those councils) – day of funeral at the Town Hall or Council Offices of former Council (or in old county electoral division).
Death of an Honorary Freeman or Hon Alderman of the Borough of Tameside – from day of death to the day of the funeral.
Death of an Honorary Freeman of a predecessor Borough – day of funeral at the civic building in the former Borough.
Death of a serving Chief Officer of Tameside Council – day of the funeral at the Town Hall/Council Offices where they had served.
Death of a retired Chief Officer of Tameside or a predecessor council – day of the funeral at the Town Hall/Council Offices where they had served.
Death of a serving or former Member of Parliament – day of funeral at the Town Halls/Council Offices within their constituency.
Death of armed forces personnel who were residents of the Borough killed on active service – day of the announcement of death and on the day of the funeral.
Death of a serving Chief Constable of Greater Manchester, County Fire Officer or a serving Tameside Borough Police Commander – day of funeral.
On special flag flying days/civic occasions (e.g. St George’s Day) when the flying of flags coincide with days for flying flags at half-mast, the following rules are observed.

Flags are flown at full mast:

although a member of the royal family, or a near relative of the royal family, may be lying dead, unless special commands are received from the Queen to the contrary.
although it may be the day of the funeral of a foreign ruler
3. Civic Occasions

Twinning exchange visits – Union Flag and National Flag of visiting twin town to be flown (or displayed where suitable vertical poles not available) during the period of the visit at the Town Hall/Council Offices in the Tameside twin town and also at Ashton Town Hall when the visitors visit there
St George’s Day (23rd April) – the Cross of St George to be flown from 8am until sunset
Merchant Navy Day (3 September) - the Merchant Navy Flag to be flown at Ashton Town Hall
4. Other Occasions

The Union Flag may be flown at half-mast on other occasions at the discretion of the Chief Executive.


Could some of you write to the local papers about this please

Tameside Reporter
Editor: Nigel Gordon
Quest Media Centre,
Cavendish Mill Rear Entrance,
Bank Street,
Ashton-under-Lyne, OL6 7DN

Tameside Advertiser
Editor: Claire Mooney
Manchester Evening News,
Mitchell Henry House,
Hollinwood Avenue,

We need to let our local councilors know that we are disgusted that nothing is being do to rectify this shameful sight. Tell them we expect them to get behind this campaign and do everything in their power to get this fixed as soon as possible..

Godley (HYDE)

Joe Kitchen
29 Welbeck Road
SK14 5PN
Tel: 366 55781

Jim Fitzpatrick
1 Douglas Street
SK14 1QF
Tel: 368 8813

Betty Affleck
11 Nicholson Road
SK14 4QH
Tel: 366 6372

Newton (HYDE)

Peter Robinson
64 Ash Tree Road
SK14 4EP
Tel: 366 1755

Philip Fitzpatrick
2 Lovell Drive
SK14 4DP
Tel: 368 5006

Helen Bowden
120 Clarendon Road
SK14 2LJ
Tel: 285 1225

Werneth (Hyde)

Raja Miah
26 Syddall Street
SK14 1LB
Tel: 07889 838345

Andy Kinsey
50 Mill Lane
SK14 2DL
Tel: 07932 337961

John Bell
20 Arnold Road
SK14 5LH
Tel: 366 9874


Unfortunately through health issues I am unable to take this all on myself, I think there's enough folk here on the group who feel the same way as I do and if we all did our little bit we would have more of a chance at getting this situation sorted out before the towns is disgraced. Can you imagine if there's a national disaster or god forbid a Royal dies and we have not got a flag flying half mast to show our towns respects. .


Saturday, 12 December 2015


The Methodist New Connexion Chapel was situated on Muslin Street (now known as Talbot Road) in Newton. It was originally known as the Muslin Street Methodist. The original chapel was built in 1815, but due to disrepair it was demolished and the building in the photo was built and opened in 1884. In 1907 the church joined with the United Methodist Free Church and formed the United Methodist Church.
Above picture and information by Paul Taylor

Not seen the above picture before, but it turned up on Ebay last week. if you know anything about the picture let me know.
Anyone with pictures or information on the church, please leave a comment.

Friday, 4 December 2015

Redferns Rubber Welfare Association & Family Picture.

Paul Stone contacted me a while back about an older post we featured on Redferns, and he wondered if we had more information to share. Paul's interest is the Redfern family history, James Arthur Redfern married (21/08/21) his Great Grand Aunt, Gladys Branson (4/7/1889 - 22/11/1951).Paul is seeking any information on the Redferns locally, and wondered if there are an relatives still living in Hyde. 

Paul sent in this picture of Redfern's Welfare AssociationDated 1919
James Arthur Redfern is Top Right  

In 1918
£34,130 Was Raised By Redferns 'Silver Bullet' League
For War Savings Certificates And Bonds 

From the left: Alice Lomas (Paul's Great. Grandmother) - Gladys Marion Branson ( Pauls Grand Aunt) -
Arthur J Redfern - Gladys Branson (Arthur's Wife, whose Paul's Great Grand Aunt) Phyllis Audrey Branson, nee Stone (Paul's Paternal Grand mother.

Paul Believes James Arthur is in the Redfern's Welfare Association