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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Barlova Limited

Barlova was once made and packaged in Hyde, their factory was situated on Cheapside ...... The above 'Blue Label Blend' 8oz tin would have set you back 1'10 (1 Shilling and 10 Pence) less than 10p now. 


It was a powered drink, " A Blend Of Malt, Milk & Egg. Chocolate Flavour. What I liked on the tin was this: Made & Packed In Gt. Britain By Barlova Limited, Hyde, Cheshire,  " The Dairy County ".

I can find very little information about this company from it's time in Hyde... 'Barlova' as a trademark now belongs to a company from Canada called Bedessee Imports Ltd. The Barlova trademark is filed in the 'Staple Foods Products, and Light Beverage Products categories. Their food products are Barley Flour, Barley Malt Flour, Rice Flour, Tapioca Products,Corn Flour, Wheat Flour, and Instant Coffee and Cocoa.

I have now spoke to two people that recall drinking this... and both enjoyed it.. and considered it a night-time treat. One recalled another of there drinks being a dark malt drink that was favoured by her dad.. If you know anyone who recalls this company and their products let us know please.

Barlova Items Belonging To Neil Oldham

Interesting Label About The War

These are in fantastic condition.

Over to Sharon Oldham, Neil's wife:
Thought I'd just share these with you that came into my husbands possession several weeks ago, he originally had four but gave one to his father, Though Barlova factory in Cheapside Hyde is well documented above, 
it only has pictures of the Blue powder tins and not these tablets below. Hope this may be of interest to some.

There's a jingle from 1962 by Barry Gray, Barlova (Malted Milk Drink) it can be downloaded from Amazon which is worth listening to for a giggle