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Tuesday, 23 May 2017


New video sent in by Dave.B. a true friend of the blog and Pole Bank

Monday, 15 May 2017

Email from Gareth Irving, can anyone assist with the requests. 

I'm currently researching in to a certain person and wondered if you could assist me?

Last year I purchased a Somme 100 commemorative poppy pin from the Royal British Legion. The poppy pin came with a certificate commemorating the life of a solider who died in the battle of the Somme. I made a promise before purchasing that I would research in to the soldier who gave his life and collate everything together to make sure they were never forgotten for the sacrifice they made.

My certificate commemorates the life of Private Joseph Wilde from the Manchester regiment. From my research I believe he lived at 81 Great Norbury Street, Hyde. Unfortunately this address no longer exists, the large Asda superstore now sits where his home would have been.

I've managed to find an ordnance survey map from 1910 which enabled me to estimate where house number 81 would have been located. This led me to find a grainy aerial photograph from the 1970's showing what I believe to be the house where his parents had lived at the time of his death.

So far I've put together a family tree, found detailed information on his service record, read up about the 16th Battalion and found the location of where he died. In July we are retracing the route of the 16th Battalion through France, finishing at his graveside on the anniversary of Mr Wilde's death.

I think you guys have put together a fantastic website about Hyde and hoped you may be able to assist me with a few things:

1. Do you know of any photos that shows the houses opposite the junction of Railway Street and Great Norbury Street, particularly the houses between Lucas Street (now Greenfield Street) and Boardman Street (no longer exists). I believe this is where number 81 would have been located.

2. Do you know of any photos showing the 16th Battalion, Manchester Regiment. Any group shots in camp, or photos of them serving in France?

3. Is the family name Wilde well known in Hyde?  Do you know of any photographs that exist of Mr Joseph Wilde or his parents?

I appreciate you may not be able to assist with any of the points above but from what I've seen online you seem like the people to come to involving all things Hyde.

I'm based in Huddersfield so can travel to Hyde or surrounding areas should I need to visit certain places to further my research.

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide, it will be very much appreciated.

Kind Regards