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Thursday, 28 February 2013

More Flowery Field School Photos

Today we continue with our "Rogues Gallery" of school photos, this time showing some from Flowery Field School.

These were supplied by David Stafford.
He has sent more which I will post over the coming week !

 photo 40131083-526b-47dd-bb5d-6a83ef3018dc.jpg

 photo 3039829e-c631-49b0-b69d-af7afe5314e4.jpg

 photo df774099-1ca3-41b9-a6d6-13c7fc993d3e.jpg

 photo 6100289a-1183-49a1-8450-99fd5248b010.jpg

As always, if anyone knows any names please drop us a line so we can add them to the photos.

Many Thanks , David. :)
Always appreciated !

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Class 6 Leigh Street School

The following was sent to us via Graham Sharp. 

It shows Class 6 at Leigh Street School in 1952

 photo 7b23d006-3347-4cf8-9ff9-289798078413.jpg

Headteacher: W.H. Renwick  Teacher: B.H. Lees

Back Row: F. Crompton, S. Fletcher, H. Turner , S. Slater, I. Berry, I. Rhodes, R. Bennett, P. Bramwell, M. Ashworth, G. Parry, A. Etchells, B. Warhurst, C. Howarth, A. Ralphs

3rd Row:  A.Crompton, D. Herod, B. Parkin, C. Wrigley, B. Austin, J. Smith, D. Knowles, M. Mansfield, A. Barlow, A. Hayward, A. Handforth, J. Butterworth, H. Bellis, G. McConnor, B. Charlesworth.

2nd Row: P. Harris, D. Mather, H. Walker, B. Williams, N. Wilkinson, S. West, M. Wilson, B. Mullin,       J. Leigh, A. Lacey, C. Bromley.

Front Row: M. Smith, R. Birtles, B. Hill, J. Barlow, B. Gregory, B. Preston, A. Chadwick, B. Burgoine,    D. Mellor, R. Andrew.

I've tried to make it a bit larger and clearer below.

 photo a303ccaf-47d3-49b2-8f2d-21f1a0c1e28c.jpg

 photo bba50d37-bf39-4c92-ba23-c6f6e7935ac7.jpg

I love these old school photos !
Many thanks, Graham ! :)

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Silver Hill House

Yesterday we posted a photo which prompted a question from Susan J. 

 "On the other corner of Osborne Road, where the pair of semis now stands, there use to be a wall about a metre high with stone gateposts which surrounded waste land, as though something had been demolished. I remember the houses on that corner being built but never knew what stood there before, apart from the wall and gateposts - maybe someone else will know...." 

 Here is a photo of those gateposts. 
They belonged to Silver Hill House and stood opposite the Zion Chapel.They stood at the entrance to the drive to the house. The two semi detached houses that stand there now were built in the mid 1950's I believe so the photo will date circa late 1940's to early 1950's. My dad remembers when there was an air raid shelter which stood next to the wall behind the gate posts and also some large concrete items which were to be wheeled into the middle of Stockport Road if ever the Germans invaded ! 

 photo ba69a564-fe0f-4442-8a80-7c67319b055a.jpg  

Below is a map showing the area which Silver Hill House stood circa 1831-56
Zion Chapel was to stand/stood (depending on the date) on the area marked 257.

   photo ae8c4c82-b003-49d0-b0d9-7bc342de25d7.jpg

 photo 06b78569-53b2-4cec-a08a-fba9bf821a4b.jpg  

Above is a map showing the area today.

   photo GXStockportRoadnorths.jpg 

A view looking down Stockport Road. 
The gateposts are visible, just lower down than the garden gate on the left

Thanks to Jack M for the photos and Cheshire.gov.uk  for the maps.

Monday, 25 February 2013

View from Zion

Todays photo was taken from upstairs at the old Zion Chapel.

It shows the corner of Osborne Road before the entrance to the Trans Pennine trail was put in. Note the bench on the corner. Most of these resting places have now been removed to dissuade gangs hanging around. A shame really as a lot of people used to use them on their way up from shopping in Hyde.
Redferns building can be seen in the background.

The photo is circa 1982. Hard to believe that is 30 plus years ago !

 photo a77e45f5-8fa4-4880-b5c9-47ad203284d1.jpg

Many thanks to Jack M for the photograph.
Much appreciated ! :)

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Aerial View

Here is an aerial view of part of Hyde/Gee Cross area .

 photo 0fce226f-9a41-4bfa-ac9a-9e2d8e2df658.jpg

Bottom left you can make out Redferns Industrial Estate. Stockport Road runs across just above it. The dense foliage is Gower Hey Wood, incorporating the Trans Pennine trail which runs along the old railway line. The Cemetery can be seen top left to top middle of the photo and the field at the top right is Buttercup Meadow. The houses to the bottom right are, from the bottom, Brooks,Coronation and Auburn Avenues which are located off King George Road.

Many thanks to John H for the photo.
Much appreciated.

If anyone else has anything of interest to do with Hyde, Hattersley, Godley, Gee Cross and Newton, old or new, that they would like to share, please send it to us. at hydonian@gmail.com

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Leigh Street Classmates.

The following text and Photo was sent to us by Trish.
I think it's a great shot!

Over to Trish...

"I have just come across this old photo I took of some of my classmates in Leigh Street school playground. I am guessing it is about the  Summer of 1959. 
Some of the girls names I can remember, but my memory isn't as good as it once was. 
Anyway here goes, and apologies to the girls I can't just recall at the moment, if they see this photo."

 photo 6a1e97d5-b85e-469f-b574-ac6322724793.jpg

From left standing= Jackie Nelson, Winifred Griffith, Andrea, Valerie
Harrison, Norma Barlow, (other side of tree) Pauline Caldwell, Susan
Williams, Beverley, Eileen, and half of Sally Crompton (sorry Sally, thats
my picture taking for you!) Sitting at the front from left is Isobel
Brooks, ??(sorry), Sandra Bardsley, ??(sorry) and Hilary Parker

Many Thanks for sending in the photo,Trish !! :) 
Is it taken at the front entrance ie the Leigh Street gates?

Friday, 22 February 2013

Werneth Low

The name Werneth derives from the Welsh Verno for alder meaning 'the place where alders grow'. The term "Low" does not refer to any lack of Height. It is a Northern English word for hill.

 photo 4009b7af-7725-47f0-8816-11b611e8e639.jpg

This is the reason why Alder Community High School was so named, due to its proximity to Werneth Low.

The cenotaph can just been seen in the top left of the photo whilst Alder High school is on the bottom right.

  photo WernethLow24032009_001.jpg

 photo 9d7e1287-0dac-4cd1-ae6b-b7bc4140241c.jpg

 photo 373e1ddc-3b23-4ccf-a1ef-3ee60d550a11.jpg

 photo ff47408b-ac74-419e-b3e5-f3174beaadf9.jpg

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Pudding Lane Views

The following postcards were sent in by John H. They show various views of Pudding Lane circa 1920.

Many Thanks, John !
Please keep them coming :)

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Leigh Street School

Leigh Street Council School was opened on 7th November 1908.
According to Thomas Middletons "History of Hyde" the cost of the building and site and furnishing was £18,230 12s. 7d

 photo fdf3f5cc-ec11-471d-8296-0965dc87bc8a.jpg

At the top of the photo is the small Infant School building and at the bottom is the larger Junior and Senior School building. At the very top of the photo is Ewen Fields.

Looking at this photo reminds me just how close Hyde Uniteds Ewen Fields was in proximity to the school.  When we played rounders, in the school yard, the better players used to "slog" or hit the ball very hard over into the football ground so they could waste time climbing over to retrieve it.
Ah... happy days :)

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Walls delivery van

The following post includes a couple of rather charming photos of a Walls delivery van !
They were sent to us by Ken Charles ! 
Over to Ken....
"I had some  great memories at Walls .
We had to phone orders in every day for next day delivery  by 1pm or we would not get a delivery.
I must say the company was very professional in its business in those days you would get approached by other companies to go and work for them as  all Walls staff were thought a lot of by other companies".

 photo 1313db30-e133-4ada-ba47-d2856f77a2d5.jpg

 photo ad555569-baf5-45e5-9d02-a1890c1dc75a.jpg

I bet I wasn't the only kid to do the "W" sign to Walls van drivers when they drove past in the street. I was always chuffed when they did it back ! :D

Many Thanks Ken !
Much appreciated!

Monday, 18 February 2013

Pastor Bryant

The following obituary was for Pastor Arthur Bryant who was the Minister at Zion Congregational Church for 24 years.

During his time at Zion, Pastor Bryant baptised 279 people. 
I remember him as a kind, patient man who had time for everyone.
He died on the 3rd  March 1991.

 photo b78dab41-58c3-4073-a7c0-e3f4da4db4d6.jpg
Zion Church

 photo ad7bc67f-095b-4d61-a2c1-d4fcf33917dd.jpg

 photo 4714561c-abe2-45ad-9269-870f20df4aed.jpg

 photo 3679c579-e78b-422f-b2ea-9a70d73927f7.jpg

 photo d6a068b3-1d13-4b68-9df1-906293014d70.jpg

Thanks to Susan J for the newspaper cutting  and Jack M for the photograph !

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Hyde Grammar School

Here are two photos showing "Then and Now" shots of Hyde Grammar School.

Look at how the housing estate has shot up in the second photo !
Hyde Grammar was practically the only building around on the older picture .

 photo 55d710e4-8649-446c-bd86-36d7c71e3834.jpg

 photo d593e27b-660f-40c1-af1a-ce772cda02b7.jpg

Saturday, 16 February 2013

A look at the past !

Below are a few snippets from a copy of the Ashton Brothers Magazine dated December 1920.

 photo 5dfb4724-ad44-447d-81f5-81fce32d8a23.jpg

A humourous  report made about an inspection of the Carrfield & Throstle Bank Mills.

 photo 3acd8907-783c-401e-b090-df6bb646e8ae.jpg

 photo 4691e7b4-dbae-4171-ada3-879d50102abf.jpg
A cartoon
 photo f819f7b0-2710-4846-8849-aa800dc3997a.jpg

Many Thanks to John Hopwood for the loan of the magazine !!

Friday, 15 February 2013

Queen Street - Before and After

The two photos below show the same view of Queen Street about 20 years apart.

How different it is now compared with when James North factory stood there.... Looks much nicer and cleaner now but I loved the factory as I grew up playing round there when I stayed at my Nans house. The shadow of my Nans house can be seen on the top photo.

 photo 2451bfa7-fc17-4a5a-9d36-fc6534e452fa.jpg
 The old Queen Street view

 photo 876bef7c-e001-4156-a185-88f710a4358a.jpg
This part of Queen Street had its name changed to become a continuation of Douglas Street.

Thanks to Dave and Beryl for the top photo.

Much appreciated. :)

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy Valentines Day !

 A lovely old postcard from Hyde.

 photo acc0d29a-49d3-4b76-9024-5d4a0667326f.jpg

Happy Valentines Day, Everyone !

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Here we have another wonderful account by Graham Sharp.

If anyone else would like to write an account of their memories of Hyde please send them to us . We'd love to read and share them !!

 photo t02309.jpg
Market Street

 photo 7947da11-9096-4d33-b79d-c44c00e5b8e4.jpg

 photo b5052095-3430-48b3-90ee-faa4e6cab581.jpg

 photo b961b7fb-84d5-4053-9b98-e8ad1e259af0.jpg
 photo ae44eaa8-82ba-47ec-80fc-dbfb7b674407.jpg

 photo d543f6e8-37ab-4d2f-ad88-87e71e732cfe.jpg
Corner of Shepley Street and Mottram Road.

 photo f072295a-eae6-4526-8356-81b12b992737.jpg

  photo pic001-Copy.jpg
The Ritz
 photo 26de4580-d863-49ed-85b8-63a3cad4bf3e.jpg

Many, many thanks, Graham !  :)

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

A Home from Home.

Today we have some photos of the chalets on Werneth Low. sadly most of them are in a dilapitated state now. 


I have a feeling they may have been posted before but we were recently asked about them and I thought it would be a  great opportunity to ask our readers if they had any experiences with either owning or holidaying in any of them. 

All I know is that the father of a friend of mine used to be lucky enough to own one and they used to spend weekends "camping" out in them. No televisions, radios or distraction - just fresh air and plenty of imagination for the children...

I bet they slept well !

Also, if anyone has any idea when they were built that would be helpful too. Thanks.

 photo 2e0db453-ccf2-4a76-908f-ebc2db67e7f9.jpg

 photo 9d8f26e2-7580-4b4e-8781-3f6284c8a395.jpg

 photo d4b0a7ec-ca3f-4028-8ba2-c65cf2b977b9.jpg

  photo 9ebeeb67-9936-4061-978a-cb6ff9091bf5.jpg

  photo c0a20654-ad2b-4390-af0a-44c29c95153b.jpg

  photo 2641ee65-d581-42a3-bac8-fcb1ec6cf794.jpg

 photo af98d485-5c33-4ba4-8f62-fc33e92fff26.jpg