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Friday, 15 February 2013

Queen Street - Before and After

The two photos below show the same view of Queen Street about 20 years apart.

How different it is now compared with when James North factory stood there.... Looks much nicer and cleaner now but I loved the factory as I grew up playing round there when I stayed at my Nans house. The shadow of my Nans house can be seen on the top photo.

 photo 2451bfa7-fc17-4a5a-9d36-fc6534e452fa.jpg
 The old Queen Street view

 photo 876bef7c-e001-4156-a185-88f710a4358a.jpg
This part of Queen Street had its name changed to become a continuation of Douglas Street.

Thanks to Dave and Beryl for the top photo.

Much appreciated. :)

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Anonymous said...

used to walk along there every Saturday to my Nana's - she lived on Gordon Street off Lumn Road - preferred it then to how it is now :-(