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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Class 6 Leigh Street School

The following was sent to us via Graham Sharp. 

It shows Class 6 at Leigh Street School in 1952

 photo 7b23d006-3347-4cf8-9ff9-289798078413.jpg

Headteacher: W.H. Renwick  Teacher: B.H. Lees

Back Row: F. Crompton, S. Fletcher, H. Turner , S. Slater, I. Berry, I. Rhodes, R. Bennett, P. Bramwell, M. Ashworth, G. Parry, A. Etchells, B. Warhurst, C. Howarth, A. Ralphs

3rd Row:  A.Crompton, D. Herod, B. Parkin, C. Wrigley, B. Austin, J. Smith, D. Knowles, M. Mansfield, A. Barlow, A. Hayward, A. Handforth, J. Butterworth, H. Bellis, G. McConnor, B. Charlesworth.

2nd Row: P. Harris, D. Mather, H. Walker, B. Williams, N. Wilkinson, S. West, M. Wilson, B. Mullin,       J. Leigh, A. Lacey, C. Bromley.

Front Row: M. Smith, R. Birtles, B. Hill, J. Barlow, B. Gregory, B. Preston, A. Chadwick, B. Burgoine,    D. Mellor, R. Andrew.

I've tried to make it a bit larger and clearer below.

 photo a303ccaf-47d3-49b2-8f2d-21f1a0c1e28c.jpg

 photo bba50d37-bf39-4c92-ba23-c6f6e7935ac7.jpg

I love these old school photos !
Many thanks, Graham ! :)


Peter Fallon said...

Just been looking at Leigh St School photo,1952.Its just one year out from when I was there (1951) Miss Andrews was the teacher.Would love to see photos of this year (1951)should anyone have one.
Also are there any photos out there of Greenfield St School leaving year 1954.
Regards Peter Fallon.

Allan Tinker. said...

50 children in one class, teachers today wouldn't know what's hit them. At Greenfield Miss Marlor had two registers with the names of sixty children.

mike kelly said...

Audrey Etchells Canada
Great to see old photos!brings back fond memories of my school days.
Thank you,