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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Leigh Street Classmates.

The following text and Photo was sent to us by Trish.
I think it's a great shot!

Over to Trish...

"I have just come across this old photo I took of some of my classmates in Leigh Street school playground. I am guessing it is about the  Summer of 1959. 
Some of the girls names I can remember, but my memory isn't as good as it once was. 
Anyway here goes, and apologies to the girls I can't just recall at the moment, if they see this photo."

 photo 6a1e97d5-b85e-469f-b574-ac6322724793.jpg

From left standing= Jackie Nelson, Winifred Griffith, Andrea, Valerie
Harrison, Norma Barlow, (other side of tree) Pauline Caldwell, Susan
Williams, Beverley, Eileen, and half of Sally Crompton (sorry Sally, thats
my picture taking for you!) Sitting at the front from left is Isobel
Brooks, ??(sorry), Sandra Bardsley, ??(sorry) and Hilary Parker

Many Thanks for sending in the photo,Trish !! :) 
Is it taken at the front entrance ie the Leigh Street gates?


Trish said...

Hi Nancy, yes the photo was taken near the front gates one sunny lunchtime, and I think I had just got a small camera as a birthday present. I was prompted to send you this photo in response to the aerial shot of Leigh St that you posted last Wed 20th Feb. I also sent a comment in on that post in reply to Eileen of Bolton's comment. here is the comment and a little bit extra. I was at Leigh St secondary from 1957-1961, having come from good old Enfield St school Gee Cross. I was shy and it did seem scary at first starting at big school, but I soon made friends and my classmates voted for me to be their form captain in 1958, that was a nice gesture! Anyway, in Eileens comment she said she was there 1962-66, so I just missed her, she also said her class was based in the separate building that housed the gym, science lab and two rooms above for art and needlework. This was a nice little building. I think the needlework teacher was called Miss Sharples. I wasn't all that good at needlework, so there was no one more surprised than me to come top in needlework one year considering I only got 59/100%. I don't think the teacher was too impressed with any of our class!I loved the art class though. Thought the gym was great except for showers. History lessons were good taught by Miss French, proper history lessons then, not like today. Maths was Miss Hall, hated it when she had written "see me" on my exercise book! She frightened us girls. Loved the sports, favourites were sprinting 100 yards & long jump, wish I could still do them, I absolutely loved to run, especially if I was due to see the headmistress! Hated netball, too many rules, too much whistle blowing mainly at me! But Oh, those were the days!

Gilliam B said...

How nice and tidy they all look much different than those I see walking to Alder.

Anonymous said...

hi everyone - eileen from bolton here.
yes i read your previous post. me and my four brothers also went to enfield street. we lived on cheetham fold road at the bottom of knott lane. my older brother harold wigley may have been in the same class as you. he went on to hyde grammer and my younger brothers john, tom and andrew went to greenfield street. i remember miss french the history teacher with affection too, she was very tall and slim and very nice to us. i also remember the music teacher miss classic very well. she didn't like modern music like the beatles - it wasn't proper music ha! ha! i was painfully shy so i didn't sing loud in class. she pulled me up in class oneday and said i had to sing infront of everyone on my own if i didn't sing with them. not nice for a shy girl.
our headmistress was miss stoller. very stern and srict and small in stature. i got the cane off her once. i never saw her smile - we called her the poison dwarf!

i don't remember having class photo's taken whilst at leigh street sec' it would have been nice to look back at old school friends. although i was a very shy girl i made some nice friends and always think back on my days there with affection, apart from one or two teachers.

Anonymous said...

hello trish - eileen from bolton here.
i remember miss sharples well, she was a nice gentle teacher, with short dark hair. she was the first lady i knew with a car - a ford anglia. she left to get married in 1965 and went to live in austrailia. my art teacher was mrs adams - i don't know if this is the same teacher that was at infant school - this lady was called doreen and lived on dowson road. this was my favourite subject - the only thing i was good at probably! i was always trying to cadged bits of left over paper to take home - i coudn't bear to see them thrown in the bin. one christmas she gave ne a notepad and coloured pencils to take home. i coudn't believe it, i was so touched by her gesture. anyway, it spured me on to be able do more at home.

Anonymous said...

Hi Trish looking at the leigh street
classmates.My mum went here,her name was Barbara Brooks,Just wanting to check if she was on the photo as there is a Isobel Brooks.
Kind regards

marion said...

Hi Trish, my nephew found this site and posted it on face book, he would have been looking for his Mum Pauline Griffiths and came across your photo of me, her sister Winifred Griffiths known as Marion, that is what they did back in the old days. changed your name. It was lovely to see all my friends from school, I don't remember having the photo taken and as I don't have any from my teenage years, so thank you for putting it on the site. Marion Holmes. was Griffiths.