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Thursday, 7 February 2013

View from King Edward Road

 The following was sent in to us via email by Susan J .. It's a wonderful view !

Over to Susan...

"The photo was taken by me in, I would guess 1993-ish, from King Edward Road next to the Labour Club.  I love the view here of the rise up to the Werneth, then Treacle Brow and to Holy Trinity Church at the top.  Also interesting is the height of the wall from behind Arch Joinery up to Stockport Road.  In my young days this site was occupied by Moore's who I think were leather dressers or something like that.  I know it also as Whittaker's Whim. .. "

 photo 12119954-af66-481a-9418-3ba56da22dad.jpg

 photo whim.jpg

Great photograph, Susan.
Thanks for sending it to us :)


Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

Great shot - I remember that joinery workshop - got some wood and glass cut to size there years ago - some links to older and newer photos - Whittaker's Whim - 2009 King Edwards Court and a closer view of the quarry wall

Anonymous said...

I remember this view so much.
Nice capture.

JohnT said...

I seem to remember that below the big wall there was a pond that had a swan on it, or was I dreaming.

Susan Jaleel said...

No John, you weren't dreaming. The swan and the pond were real all right. It used to wander through the grounds at the far side of the land and up into the land at the back of our house further up Stockport Road, where my dad used to feed it and then chase it back down the slope to the pond.