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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Silver Hill House

Yesterday we posted a photo which prompted a question from Susan J. 

 "On the other corner of Osborne Road, where the pair of semis now stands, there use to be a wall about a metre high with stone gateposts which surrounded waste land, as though something had been demolished. I remember the houses on that corner being built but never knew what stood there before, apart from the wall and gateposts - maybe someone else will know...." 

 Here is a photo of those gateposts. 
They belonged to Silver Hill House and stood opposite the Zion Chapel.They stood at the entrance to the drive to the house. The two semi detached houses that stand there now were built in the mid 1950's I believe so the photo will date circa late 1940's to early 1950's. My dad remembers when there was an air raid shelter which stood next to the wall behind the gate posts and also some large concrete items which were to be wheeled into the middle of Stockport Road if ever the Germans invaded ! 

 photo ba69a564-fe0f-4442-8a80-7c67319b055a.jpg  

Below is a map showing the area which Silver Hill House stood circa 1831-56
Zion Chapel was to stand/stood (depending on the date) on the area marked 257.

   photo ae8c4c82-b003-49d0-b0d9-7bc342de25d7.jpg

 photo 06b78569-53b2-4cec-a08a-fba9bf821a4b.jpg  

Above is a map showing the area today.

   photo GXStockportRoadnorths.jpg 

A view looking down Stockport Road. 
The gateposts are visible, just lower down than the garden gate on the left

Thanks to Jack M for the photos and Cheshire.gov.uk  for the maps.


Carletta said...

Hi Tom,
Wonderful to see you're still posting.
I was over at Imac's blog today and he posted a pic 'of sorts' of you. Wanted to see if I could find this and come say hello.
Hope all is well with you and yours.
All the best,
With Kind Regards,

downsie21 said...

Very interesting article with an excellent piece of investigative reporting.

Susan Jaleel said...

I just love that picture of the corner of Peel Street. Wonder if the group of people standing by the church steps have been in a service. Thank you for letting me see those gate-posts and wall again. Looking back at the previous post's comments, it seems that only the two corner houses were new-builds, so that would explain why I only remember them going up!

Anonymous said...

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