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Saturday, 9 February 2013

Hyde United Football Programme

Today we have a couple of pages from a Hyde United programme dated November 11th 1950.

Some great old adverts from long gone businesses.

 photo 8e6c7d7a-d0d8-4cee-a76d-e759166200fd.jpg
 photo ec9f62e2-a543-4604-ac74-a56c66dbe94f.jpg
 photo 6aa619b4-b3ed-4e57-9383-f0f029b2e75c.jpg

 photo 2bd00acb-30fc-451c-9ba3-3c30a465b346.jpg

Many Thanks to Susan for sending them to us. :)
If anyone else has anything similar, please dont hesitate to send them to us.
All photos and memories much appreciated !

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Anonymous said...

I remember getting a suit from Lekermans !