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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

A Home from Home.

Today we have some photos of the chalets on Werneth Low. sadly most of them are in a dilapitated state now. 


I have a feeling they may have been posted before but we were recently asked about them and I thought it would be a  great opportunity to ask our readers if they had any experiences with either owning or holidaying in any of them. 

All I know is that the father of a friend of mine used to be lucky enough to own one and they used to spend weekends "camping" out in them. No televisions, radios or distraction - just fresh air and plenty of imagination for the children...

I bet they slept well !

Also, if anyone has any idea when they were built that would be helpful too. Thanks.

 photo 2e0db453-ccf2-4a76-908f-ebc2db67e7f9.jpg

 photo 9d8f26e2-7580-4b4e-8781-3f6284c8a395.jpg

 photo d4b0a7ec-ca3f-4028-8ba2-c65cf2b977b9.jpg

  photo 9ebeeb67-9936-4061-978a-cb6ff9091bf5.jpg

  photo c0a20654-ad2b-4390-af0a-44c29c95153b.jpg

  photo 2641ee65-d581-42a3-bac8-fcb1ec6cf794.jpg

 photo af98d485-5c33-4ba4-8f62-fc33e92fff26.jpg

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Anonymous said...

From Olwen.

What memories these pictures revive!
In 1945 after my Mother had had a long spell in hospital, my Father had use of the now derelict bungalow (it was the middle one of 3 in that field) for the school holidays for my Mother and me. Each week a different family member came to stay with us and look after Mum. About 10 years ago the original furniture with the Utility mark was still in there!
Each morning I had to go across 2 fields, and a brook and 2 more fields to get the milk and eggs from Bennett's farm. Richard Bennett once took me through a shippon full of docile cows (I was terrified) supposedly to see a bull being milked (I was still terrified)
I also had to go the other way up Mounts Road to the little shop at the top of Joel Lane for basic provisions.
I had a wonderful time - I even wandered as far as the little sweet shop in Romiley near to the now demolished Cherry Tree pub in Romiley so must have been away about 3 hours - as I was only 7 at the time I was watched a bit more closely afterwards!
Until quite recently I couldn't sort out why there was a huge bonfire in the middle of summer at the farm near the bungalows - it was the end of the War !!!
I have a couple of 'photos of myself as a scrawny 7 year old tomboy taken outside the bungalow at the time and will endeavour to find and forward them