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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

The Singing Street !

The following was sent to us via email...

Over to Janet....

" I posted a comment last October about Trevor Grimshaw and having a signed copy of the Singing Street, you replied asking if I could scan a copy of the cover. I've attached a copy of the cover and the inside front cover which is signed by both Trevor and Mike Harding. In my comment I said it was an exhibition in Hyde but thinking back I'm pretty sure it was in Stalybridge Town Hall and we all went to Stalybridge Station Bar - a favourite of Trevor's - for drinks afterwards. He was exhibiting his 'scenes from a train window' - I think that's what he called it. It was a series of drawings which, although, independent pieces when displayed next to each other were sequential and represented the view from each window of a train carriage. It was around the time when he did the opening credits for the television series on rail journeys..."

 photo c874d2d9-5512-40c5-b1fa-f8cc64446fe4.jpg

 photo 72dcf175-876b-42a8-9596-ac19ea732884.jpg

A great book and how lucky to have a signed copy !
Many Thanks for sharing with us, Janet, much appreciated.


B Williams said...

The exhibition was at the Astley Cheetham art gallery in Stalybridge. I had forgotten about the wonderful pictures 'scenes from a train window'. How I wish I had the money and room to buy those or the large triptych which hung at the far end of the gallery. We have quite a few of Trevor's pictures but these two sets were magnificent. Thanks for the memories Janet.

Cusco said...

A few ago Trevors family were given back the originals to this series from wherever they were stored and an exhibition of the full series and other works including some colour pieces was put on in Stockport Art Gallery. I'd recently purchased a signed numbered copy of the big viaduct in the Yorkshire Dales that Trevor had done and ended up with an invite to the opening.

Stuart Cook