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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Here we have another wonderful account by Graham Sharp.

If anyone else would like to write an account of their memories of Hyde please send them to us . We'd love to read and share them !!

 photo t02309.jpg
Market Street

 photo 7947da11-9096-4d33-b79d-c44c00e5b8e4.jpg

 photo b5052095-3430-48b3-90ee-faa4e6cab581.jpg

 photo b961b7fb-84d5-4053-9b98-e8ad1e259af0.jpg
 photo ae44eaa8-82ba-47ec-80fc-dbfb7b674407.jpg

 photo d543f6e8-37ab-4d2f-ad88-87e71e732cfe.jpg
Corner of Shepley Street and Mottram Road.

 photo f072295a-eae6-4526-8356-81b12b992737.jpg

  photo pic001-Copy.jpg
The Ritz
 photo 26de4580-d863-49ed-85b8-63a3cad4bf3e.jpg

Many, many thanks, Graham !  :)


Sean D said...

In the first picture of Market St. it looks like the Beatles are in town!

Thanks for sharing those great memories.

beryl saxon (,as was). said...

Seeing the photo of the Ritz,brought a tear to my eyes.My mum used to take me often (late 40s early50s).We would queue all the way up tavis st. and around on to union st.but we always got in'the first film i saw was The Quiet Man.My mum is 94and quite frail now,but still going.Good memories.Thanks for bringing that back for me.

Susan Jaleel said...

This is truly an amazing account. I've read it twice and savoured every detail. Thanks so much Graham.

On the Wakes fair, the ride described as "over the top" we used to call "tippling over boxes." I hated them as they made me ill.

The horrible woman dentist at the school clinic in the Reform Club was called Miss Kippen. I think she probably trained in one of the POW camps of WW2!

Fond memories there of all the cinemas of Hyde. I recall that the Hippodrome was cheaper upstairs than down - that's because the seats were wooden. The Queens was a fleapit but whenever we went there, we'd finish the evening off with pudding and chips over the road in Kellett's cafe - anyone remember that?

Shirley Morris said...

seeing Graems photo's on the blog of corner of Shepley and Mottram brought back memories rd we also lived in Shepley St at no 12 we also moved in in 1956 he nust have lived next door to the O'Neils, altho i dont remember Graeme and his wife, we were there for 12 yrs remember how the ladies of the street used to sit outside on the doorsteps whiling away the time, i was a newcomer to Hyde but loved being there as the people were so friendly Paul taylor and his mum were close friends as was Mary Plevin and Alice Burgess who lived at no 7.I recently went back to Hyde got lost the houses at the bottom of Shepley st are no longer there I think they are pensioner cottages built there now,but I still have good memories of my time there

ROCK APE said...

Sean D! Abbey road,'yde!!!!!

Trish said...

Nice memories Graham, my favourite ride on the fair was the caterpillar, not keen on the waltzers or the big wheel!

Who could forget the school dentist, I was always ill after that gas.
Does anyone remember a shop on that same block as the dentist, (probably roughly about where the post office is now) it sold childrens wear and probably ladies knickers aswell for that matter, but I remember mum taking us in there for, dare I say it, liberty bodices amongst other things! The shop had a long counter and the wall behind the counter was full to the top with drawers (full of drawers no doubt!) We are talking 1950-ish here, does anyone remember what that shop was called?

Nice to recall the cinemas. Saturday kids matinee 2pm at the Hippodrome in the fifties cost a tanner(6d), us kids would queue up at the side door (trademans entrance) all eager to get in and watch the likes of Flash Gordan and Ming etc, I remenber how we stamped our feet if the film cut! The owners must have just loved tidying up after us kids had been! (Headache pills at the ready!)
Favourite cinema when courting in the
1960's was definately the lovely Theatre Royal though, we used to go there twice a week. Those were the days, wasn't Hyde brilliant then.

JohnT said...

Met my now wife at Hyde Wakes in 1962, yes I took her on the caterpillar ;-)and as they say the rest is history.

Marjorie said...

Loved going to the Ritz, being welcomed by the uniformed doorman, and I remember that they had continuous programmes, not separate showings. The best cinema in Hyde.

Susan Jaleel said...

I agree, Marjorie, Ritz definitely the best in town. I loved the curtain on the stage which cascaded down from the top in swags. My ambition was always to have a curtain like that when I was grown up - never did though!

ROCK APE said...

On the picture with The Ritz i can see where I was born, 3 Albion st!!!!

Jeff Sherwin. said...

Lovely memories Graham the Ritz was grand,Closed on Sundays though had to go all the way to Denton,As the years go by my memories of Hyde grow fonder, I married a lovely lady from Travis street.

Anonymous said...

lovely memories of Hyde.I recognise lots of places ....and lots of names too.