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Sunday, 9 July 2017

Missing Pictures.

A site hosting some of our pictures as started charging to host our pictures and allow them to be linked to. Instead of paying more for this privilege I will be moving all the effected pictures post by post to somewhere else. This will be on going until the job is done but will take some time.

Monday, 3 July 2017

Horrid Crimes Of Bygone Cheshire

Nice to get this email today... Nancy MorrisDave WilliamsPaul Taylor.
Hello Tom
I promised to let you know when my new Cheshire true-crime book (entitled Horrid Crimes Of Bygone Cheshire) was published. Well, the deed is done. The book is now available though Amazon (also as an e-book) or on order from major booksellers.
Please pass on my thanks to your colleagues at hydonian.blogspot.co.uk for all your help in its creation.
Regards, Derek Yarwood.

Horrid Crimes Of Bygone Cheshire

True-crime writer Derek Yarwood dips into the archives to uncover more dark tales of murder and mayhem in 18th- and 19th-century Cheshire. A retired journalist, he has combined the newspaper man's natural instinct for a good story with his interest in local history, to produce a fascinating anthology that is based extensively on original source material. Drawn from long-forgotten assize court files, judges' notes and inquest depositions — and with contemporary newspaper reports adding flavour to the mix — these are the most comprehensive, authenticated accounts of the cases ever published. The villains featured here include house-breakers and highway robbers; mothers who killed their children and children who killed their parents; murderers of policemen and partners; nearly all whom ended up swinging from the hangman's rope. This is the third instalment of the author's Cheshire true-crime series, in which he has re-visited over 200 crimes spanning four centuries. The others being "A Vintage Casebook of Cheshire Crime" and "Cheshire's Execution Files".