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Festival of Britain Mural

Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Greenfield Street Secondary School: Class 2A 1960

Stephen Hodkinson

Please find attached a photograph of Class 2A in 1960. I was in the class and in the picture, the only one in glasses. I have labelled the students , as far as I can remember, but I cannot name 3 that have been labelled with question marks and there are a few more that I am not certain about , but no doubt corrections will be made by the viewers.

School Photograph: 1960 2A Greenfield Secondary School for Boys.

Back Row:
??           Kevin Sidebottom; Neville Hall: Raymond Bostock; John Wood   Roger Fox; Alan Braithwaite; Roy Richardson

3rd Row:
Ian Linney; Trevor Leach; David Johnson; Stephen Hall; Robert Hillman; Mike Bennett; David Barlow; David Pout; David Timperley

2nd Row;
Graham Newton?; Vernon Woodhouse;       ?? Gerry Robinson; ? Ibbertson;  Robert Herman?; Frank Snelson; Tom Graham; Stephen Hodkinson; Paul Maden

Front Row;
Frank? Lowe; Howard Gee; John Capper; Dave Hall; Pete Hesketh; Ted Fenton (form master); Mike Perrin; John Garbett; Alan Palmer; Terry Holmes; ??