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Monday, 29 September 2014

More from Pole Bank

Another video kindly sent in by email for used all to see and enjoy the on going work to get Pole Bank Grounds up to speck.

Pole Bank Hall Cheshire, is also a Facebook Group which some might find an interesting place page to view what is happening and when. Hopefully some might want to join in the good work.

My thanks to David Barlow for the video.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Help Needed

Interesting request that came in through the emails...
A request for information from Gillian Johnson on behalf of her mother, over to Gillian.
My mum, now 89 years young fondly remembers visiting relatives on Market Street, Hyde round about 1935 - 40. She had lost both her own parents and thinks probably family members "took it in turn" to have her to stay sometimes.

My mum recalls visiting Beryl Wood who she thinks was a similar age her, maybe a bit older, Mums memories are full of kindnesses and playing under the table!,  there was a shop on Market Street- maybe a sweet or toy shop, that was owned by Beryls grandparents who were named Knowles and their daughter was Nellie who married Cyril Wood and they lived on Gower Road. Nellie died and Cyril married Edith. Mum recalls Cyril was a market trader, she thinks selling Biscuits.
She would love to know what happened to them as they were all so kind to her when her life living with her Uncle Harry was quite difficult. I don't know if any of your followers have any memories that would help me find more information as I have been unable to turn up anything so far.

Beryl Wood

I am quite a novice at this kind of thing, but mum has previously contacted the press and over sixties clubs in the area with no luck. Hoping you can help.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Demolition Of The Fire Station And Health Clinic.

When emails come in I never know what will turn up... to say I was pleased with this contact is an understatement. 

Over to Richard Thornley.  "I came across these pictures recently when I was tidying up. I worked for the construction company that built Asda in Hyde. I took these photographs while the demolition of the old Fire Station and Health Clinic was going on. Many of the materials like slates, cast iron guttering and drainpipes and even some of the interior were sold off prior to the demolition. While we were carrying out the demolition of the Fire Station, we came across a stone plaque commemorating the opening of the station. I contacted Hyde Fire Station, and we carefully removed the plaque and transported it to the new Fire Station where they installed it in reception.  I hope these picture are of some use to you."

Richard Thornley  

All I can say is well done to all involved in saving this Plaque, this important bit of Hydes History could have been lost for ever if these workers had not had the sense to save it.

The old Health Clinic
What a fine looking building this was... it would have been the envy of many a local council to have such a building in it's town centre. The next few pictures are quite sad to see... can you believe those grand pillars and top couldn't be saved... 

I asked Richard how come the stone work was demolished, and his answer was simple...  

Richard said  "They did try to sell the pillars & surrounding stonework,  but couldn't find a buyer in time.  

Unfortunately they were knocked down and then put through a stone crusher and used under the car park"

What a shame, such a sad sight.

I'd like to say thank you to Richard for these great pictures and documenting the demise of these iconic Hyde buildings, and for having the hindsight to save the Fire Station Plaque and making sure it was safely removed to the Station on Railway Street.