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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Help Needed

Interesting request that came in through the emails...
A request for information from Gillian Johnson on behalf of her mother, over to Gillian.
My mum, now 89 years young fondly remembers visiting relatives on Market Street, Hyde round about 1935 - 40. She had lost both her own parents and thinks probably family members "took it in turn" to have her to stay sometimes.

My mum recalls visiting Beryl Wood who she thinks was a similar age her, maybe a bit older, Mums memories are full of kindnesses and playing under the table!,  there was a shop on Market Street- maybe a sweet or toy shop, that was owned by Beryls grandparents who were named Knowles and their daughter was Nellie who married Cyril Wood and they lived on Gower Road. Nellie died and Cyril married Edith. Mum recalls Cyril was a market trader, she thinks selling Biscuits.
She would love to know what happened to them as they were all so kind to her when her life living with her Uncle Harry was quite difficult. I don't know if any of your followers have any memories that would help me find more information as I have been unable to turn up anything so far.

Beryl Wood

I am quite a novice at this kind of thing, but mum has previously contacted the press and over sixties clubs in the area with no luck. Hoping you can help.


Maloney said...

Regarding this search: Beryl Wood was born in 1937. She married either Bryan Bennett in 1957, or Donald Hargreaves in 1960. The Bennett family had one son - Martyn Bryan. The only address I have for a Beryl Bennett is 31 St.Michaels Road Hyde sk14 2sx.
The Hargreaves had three children, Gillian, Janet, and John. Donald and Beryl are living at 5 Cedar Grove, Dukinfield. You make your choice and take pot luck.

Maloney said...

Could be the family of Knowles were Fred and Sara Ann, they had a daughter Nellie born 1908.

M said...

Addition to the last message. When Nellie married Cyril Wood in 1925, she did so under the name of Mary Helen Knowles.

Dave Williams said...

I don't know if it's relevant, but in the 1914 Kelly's Directory there's a Miss Nellie Knowles, shopkeeper, of 22 Miles Street.

M said...

A little more information about the Wood family. Cyril married Mary Helen Knowles at Hyde Baptist Church in 1925. A Mary Helen Wood died in 1939, but cannot be sure if she was one and the same who married Cyril. In any case,Cyril will certainly be dead by now, he must have been born between 1895 and 1905.

MAUREEN said...

Surely someone out there can help this lady to find her lost friend.

brian hopwood said...

My mum (Joan Hopwood nee Thompson) used to be good friends with a Beryl Wood from Hyde. I think she was a bridesmaid when my mum got married.