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Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Greenfield Street Secondary School: Class 2A 1960

Stephen Hodkinson

Please find attached a photograph of Class 2A in 1960. I was in the class and in the picture, the only one in glasses. I have labelled the students , as far as I can remember, but I cannot name 3 that have been labelled with question marks and there are a few more that I am not certain about , but no doubt corrections will be made by the viewers.

School Photograph: 1960 2A Greenfield Secondary School for Boys.

Back Row:
??           Kevin Sidebottom; Neville Hall: Raymond Bostock; John Wood   Roger Fox; Alan Braithwaite; Roy Richardson

3rd Row:
Ian Linney; Trevor Leach; David Johnson; Stephen Hall; Robert Hillman; Mike Bennett; David Barlow; David Pout; David Timperley

2nd Row;
Graham Newton?; Vernon Woodhouse;       ?? Gerry Robinson; ? Ibbertson;  Robert Herman?; Frank Snelson; Tom Graham; Stephen Hodkinson; Paul Maden

Front Row;
Frank? Lowe; Howard Gee; John Capper; Dave Hall; Pete Hesketh; Ted Fenton (form master); Mike Perrin; John Garbett; Alan Palmer; Terry Holmes; ??

Saturday, 16 February 2019

Turbine Gears

Turbine Gears 

Gear Cutting Specialists, Mottram Road, Hyde

Advertisement From 1923 


Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Hyde Bus Station Pre-M67

The No.30 Bus, Ashton-Stockport service, shown here in Stockport Corporation livery. Behind the bus is George Street Methodist Church and beyond that, to the left, we can see Ashton Bros. All gone now, sadly.  Thank you to Susan Jaleel For the above picture and information.

George Street Methodist Church

Hyde Methodist Chapel (New Connexion), or George Street Chapel as it was more commonly known stood on George Street just behind the bus station. It was Built in 1858.

In 1954 George Street united with Hyde former Wesleyan Methodist church and Hoviley Brow Church to become the Hyde Central Methodist Church 

Taken from "The Annals of Hyde"

In the year 1830 the (Methodist New) Connexion commenced work in Hyde, a small room in Cross Street being used for religious worship. In 1833, the Church had grown sufficiently to warrant the erection of a small chapel in George Street. The leading spirit in the movement about that time seems to have been a Mr. John Leech. A Sunday school was formed and this appears to have strengthened the church. Progress continuing, the large George Street Chapel was erected in 1858. The old schools were replaced in 1885 by the present spacious building adjoining the chapel.

Alas like many other buildings in Hyde it was bulldozed when the motorway cutting the town in half.

This picture is of the 125 bus, it's taken further up the bus station and George Street Methodist can be seen far left. The white building to the back of the bus is The Woodman.

Map from 1970