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Saturday, 16 February 2013

A look at the past !

Below are a few snippets from a copy of the Ashton Brothers Magazine dated December 1920.

 photo 5dfb4724-ad44-447d-81f5-81fce32d8a23.jpg

A humourous  report made about an inspection of the Carrfield & Throstle Bank Mills.

 photo 3acd8907-783c-401e-b090-df6bb646e8ae.jpg

 photo 4691e7b4-dbae-4171-ada3-879d50102abf.jpg
A cartoon
 photo f819f7b0-2710-4846-8849-aa800dc3997a.jpg

Many Thanks to John Hopwood for the loan of the magazine !!


Anonymous said...

used to walk along there every saturday to my Nanas - she lived on Gordon Street off Lumn Road - preferred it then to how it is now :-(

jenny roberts said...

Well at least someone had a sense of humour then! Love it.