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Monday, 11 February 2013

Some Adverts from Old Hyde

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A photo showing Brookes and Sons which is mentioned on the page above.
Brookes is the shop with the green sign next to the tram !

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The top page supplied by Susan.
Many thanks for sharing !


Susan Jaleel said...

I remember Brooke's the ironmongers with much affection. My dad, who was a joiner in GX, used to send me down for various bits and pieces - hinges, nails and screws (which they weighed out on a pair of scales with weights and a brass pan. They sold everything you could possibly think of - from a gas mantle to a tin bath, it was like an Aladdin's cave. The Brooke Surgery, now built on its site, is, of course, named in honour of the shop.

Looking at the lovely postcard of this lower part of Market Street reminded me of another shop situated near to Brooke's on the corner of Port Street I think, opposite corner to where Barclay's Bank now is. It was called Robbins and sold furniture and luggage and probably many more things. Does anyone remember this?

Chris Han said...

The thing that caught my eye in the Brooke and Son ad is the telephone number, "Hyde 18"!

A two digit line number, seems so odd to see nowadays.

JohnT said...

Yes, it was Robbins. I believe they used to live in the end cottage where what is now called Gerrards Hollow, off Cheetham Fold Road, off Apethorn Lane. They used to have a wooden garage at the bottom of the hill where they used to garage the maroon delivery van. Morton Merrick worked at Robbins and he lived at no 44 Apethorn Lane.

Trish said...

Hi Susan, like you and many Hyde people, I also remember Brooke's ironmongers with such affection, if you couldn't get what you wanted there, then you couldn't get it anywhere! And yes Susan, I also can vaguely remember the Robbins shop on the corner, though I must admit I had forgotten the name of the shop, but they did sell quite a few items, I remember buying a pyrex dish with a lovely rose design on the sides, (it was for my bottom drawer) This was 1965/66 and I used to buy a little bit of something every Friday when I got my wages, usually wandering around Hyde market for Tea towels, towels etc, just little bits to put away for my new home after I got married, but I couldn't resist splashing out on this lovely pyrex dish from that corner shop, and I still have the dish today!

susan Jaleel said...

How lovely that people remember Robbins. Thank you, John and Trish, for sharing your memories. The mention of Morton Merrick rings bells and I'm not sure why, except that I knew a girl at Astley, Jennifer Merrick, who also lived on Apethorn in the first house of the pair of semis almost opposite the old farm. Could they be related?

Trish, it's a long time since I've heard of a "bottom drawer". I started collecting stuff for one about a year before I got married in 1965, and like you I scoured Hyde Market for bits and pieces. I never had a Pyrex dish from Robbins though, but I did have a vinegar bottle from the market - and I still have it!

JohnT said...

Yes Susan, Morton and Jennifer Merrick were definitely related they were father and daughter. She had a younger sister called Heather.

Susan Jaleel said...

Yes, now I remember. What a lot of water has gone under the bridge since those days. Thanks so much John for piecing things together.

Anita Davis /Richards said...

My Dad had the butchers shop in Hyde market for many years ..Eric Richards....i have an old photo of the shop from early days i will try to put on your great site , its so good to see all these old shops ect , and the old 125 bus ,i used to catch every day to go to work at Manchester town hall, my that was such a long time ago ,,happy days , thanks so much , keep up the great work ,