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Monday, 18 February 2013

Pastor Bryant

The following obituary was for Pastor Arthur Bryant who was the Minister at Zion Congregational Church for 24 years.

During his time at Zion, Pastor Bryant baptised 279 people. 
I remember him as a kind, patient man who had time for everyone.
He died on the 3rd  March 1991.

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Zion Church

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Thanks to Susan J for the newspaper cutting  and Jack M for the photograph !


Susan Jaleel said...

I was one of the 279 people baptised by Mr Bryant - on 22 July 1945.

Anonymous said...

Truly one of the nicest human beings ever!

bill Lancashire said...

I always thought that I was baptised by Mr Bryant, but as I was baptised in 1943 I guess it couldn't have been him. Has anyone any idea who would have done it in that year?

My brother was certainly baptised by Mr Bryant in 1949.

Anonymous said...

A much nicer building than the present one

Susan Jaleel said...

It is possible, Bill, if Mr Bryant was a Deacon at Zion in 1943 and they did not have a regular minister. Doreen Morris's wonderful history of Zion would probably clarify your query - over to you, Nancy!

I don't think it's possible to compare the old Zion building with what has replaced it. The present place is for the present age, whilst the old building had run its time and would have cost far too much to repair. In its heyday the old Zion would have held massive congregations but, as with most churches, this had declined. I attended the opening of the new building in 1991 and was impressed by what I saw.

Susan Jaleel said...

Dibd you all spot the deliberate mistake? The new Zion opened on 2001, not 1991! Sorry all.

Hydonian said...

The preacher in 1943 was the Rev J. Sutcliffe of Romiley, Bill, so it was possibly him who baptised you !