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Friday, 4 December 2015

Redferns Rubber Welfare Association & Family Picture.

Paul Stone contacted me a while back about an older post we featured on Redferns, and he wondered if we had more information to share. Paul's interest is the Redfern family history, James Arthur Redfern married (21/08/21) his Great Grand Aunt, Gladys Branson (4/7/1889 - 22/11/1951).Paul is seeking any information on the Redferns locally, and wondered if there are an relatives still living in Hyde. 

Paul sent in this picture of Redfern's Welfare AssociationDated 1919
James Arthur Redfern is Top Right  

In 1918
£34,130 Was Raised By Redferns 'Silver Bullet' League
For War Savings Certificates And Bonds 

From the left: Alice Lomas (Paul's Great. Grandmother) - Gladys Marion Branson ( Pauls Grand Aunt) -
Arthur J Redfern - Gladys Branson (Arthur's Wife, whose Paul's Great Grand Aunt) Phyllis Audrey Branson, nee Stone (Paul's Paternal Grand mother.

Paul Believes James Arthur is in the Redfern's Welfare Association

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Marjorie said...

Could Arthur:s wife be the happy bride in one of the wedding pics that you posted earlier? She has the same serene face.