Hyde Name Origins.

The name "HYDE" is derived from the hide, a measure of land for taxation purposes, taken to be that area of land necessary to support a peasant family. In later times it was taken to be equivalent to 120 acres .
May 2015
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Saturday, 29 May 2010

St Georges Coach House

Heres the Hearse House belonging to St. George's Church. The Hearse House is on Wood End Lane, and is a Grade II listed building.

That keystone with its Skull and Cross Bones used to scare me, we would look through the doors thinging we'd see dead bodies... I don't know what we'd have done if we did see one. Anyone else looked inside?


Hydonian said...

YesTom,, we peered in as children expecting to see dead bodies ,too! Although my Dad used to tell us that the Dragon that St George Fought,lived in there!

Tom said...

I like the thought of the Dragon better than the dead bodies.. ha!.. I told my two lads that Pirates captured on the canal were imprisioned there.