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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Hyde Motor Club

In the emails this week Keith contacted us about the above club... 

Does anybody remember Hyde Motor Club. It was started after WW2. It was for cars and motorcycles.
I joined about 1955 with a BSA Bantam. The club joined with Macclesfield Trials Club sometime in the 1980s and lost its identity.
Keith Mellor

I've not heard about this club myself, but hopefully you have memories and information we can share with Keith..  
I have since found out the club is still up and running: ..... but now it seems to be just for Trials Riding.

Trials unlike most motorcycle sport has nothing to do with out and out speed but more to do with balance and throttle control. The club has been around under the Macclesfield name for around 15 years, before that it was the Macclesfield and Hyde club and before that the Hyde motor club which can be traced back to 1953.We run around 11 trials every year in and around Macclesfield

if your interested in having ago or taking a look at the cheapest motor sport visit the macc website.


Anonymous said...

Hi Keith,
I remember you tinkering with your motorbike at the back of 41 Hallbottom Street, we lived at 37.

All the best,
David Hamilton.

Colin Turner - Newton. said...

Where are the blog hot-shots who alway have something to say? You know Werneth Low and all the others with big ideas.

Abraham Lincoln said...

My first ride on a motorcycle was on an Indian. It was smaller than the Harley Davidson.