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Saturday, 29 March 2014

Todays post is from Scott Nelson.

Scott says "
I very much enjoy the old pictures, and some not so old, pictures of Hyde and surrounding area. I've been transferring some old (well not very) pictures to a new computer and came across a few I had taken with my then, new 'phone from the top of the multi-storey car park in Hyde.

They show the view across the Clarendon Place rooftop towards Flowery Field Church, over the Beeley Street car parks and Iceland towards St. Georges Church, and Social Security building/Supermarket with John Grundy house and The Queens at either side.

Given that it's now wrapped up prior to becoming a chicken outlet, the chance to take photos like these has now past."

Thanks Scott, I've never been a fan of the car-park... but it served a purpose. As for KFC I know I'll like that less... far to many food outlets, and most of them stink.  What a shame to see the town going the way it is at the moment.


tigerboy said...

Hi Tom
Great photos from to of car park and good to see a post on the blog
I suppose the car park has served it purpose
Regarding the Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet I assume it will be a drive thro ??
My memory not great but I believe there was a KFC outlet on Market street in the mid 70s it was in the old Meeks shoe shop anyone remember that and Meeks connection with Hyde folk group Five Penny Piece
It did not last long I was back up Hyde last week and I think there is to many takeaways and story to say Market street not what it was or am I looking through rose tinted glasses

Susan Jaleel said...

Don't think Fivepenny Piece was a Hyde group, Tigerboy. I first heard them perform at the Broadoak in Ashton, and I'm sure the Meeks were from Stalybridge. Their family's shoe shop was in Ashton - don't recall one in Hyde though.

tigerboy said...

Hi Susan

Yes you are right I am wrong on that one

My memory not great and I a little confused about things sometimes as I only spent my formative and early teenage years in the Hyde area

I think There was a shoe shop opened on Market street it might or might not have been Meeks
That closed down and became briefly a Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet but at the time it did not catch on these where the early mid 70s time s have changed and no doubt the new franchise will be a great success despite my feelings about fast food

Good to see the blog running again even if I get things wrong will have to tell my very boring tale about Lowrys when I get time

Many thanks again

Crystal Davies said...

I was born in Hyde in 1970 and lived near The Bush pub. As a youngster of about 5 I remember walking down Market Street every Saturday. With my mum pushing a big coach built pram with my sister in it and mee hanging on to the handle. Iremember there was a KFC at the top of Market Street on the left as you're looking down as there was A Colonel Sanders face which through the eyes of a 5 year old I thought was Rolf Harris !!!

Since learning they are going to build a KFC I've asked several people if they remember there being 1 in the early 70's at the top of Market Street. I just got blank looks as if I was daft and as if such things existed in the very early 70's. So thanks tigerboy. I'm glad I'm not going mad and that someone else does remember that there was a KFC in Hyde.

Anonymous said...

I also thought there was a KFC in Hyde many years ago

Anonymous said...

Think the kfc in hyde used to be on the corner next to nawabi Indian restaurant now shut down