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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Hyde Market Hall's "Let's Talk Tripe" Make's The Headline's.

A Hyde Market Hall trader is serving up an appetiser with a difference to mark the start of "Love Your Local Market" fortnight - tripe smoothie! 
Lyndon Boot, of the ‘Let’s Talk Tripe’ stall in Hyde Market, will be offering free samples of his speciality recipe and other goodies .   Local Lad - Local Trader ... can't get better than that....  I've tried the smoothy, and I must say it is not to bad.... I started with a sip and then another and it went down well... not what I expected I must say... If you don't like the tripe he sell so much more than that like Bury Black Puddings, Rag Puddings, Savoury Ducks. Dripping, Pork Ribs, Gammon, Bacon, Sausage and much more.

Go on get down Hyde and support our local market


Anonymous said...

Really pleased to see the site on the move again, but please check your spelling and punctuation,and leave out all those apostrophes if you don't know why you have put them in!
As a former teacher of English and ex Hydonian I think the site deserves to be as accurate as possible!
Keep up the good work. It means a lot to all of us 'in exile'.Ann Bacon nee Stafford

allan Massey said...

Another load of tripe to fill space, can't you see the blog'e had its day.

Lizzy said...

I look at this blog from time to time. I am an old friend of Tom's and I used to live in Gee Cross but unfortunately due to my husbands job we have had to move south.

My dearly departed dad, who lived in Gee Cross for nearly all his 84 years would say, if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.

Keep up the good work team!

Anonymous said...

I agree with lizzy dont let them grind you down.

Anonymous said...

Well said Lizzie!

PS didn't you used to be my Guide leader at silverhill guide hut off Osborne Road?

tigerboy said...

You tell em Lizzie
I visit this blog most days and have contributed in a small way
Like you I live south these days but visit Hyde regularly
Without the good people putting in the effort this blog would not exist and we would all be the poorer