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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Eric Harrison Godley Junction Signalman

I was contacted this week by a lovely lady called Liz Harrison who supplied the following information and could do with some help.. I hope we can sort something out for the family.

My grandad Eric Harrison was the Signalman at Godley Junction for many years. This is the only picture we have of him there and we have looked through many archives to find more pictures of him but nothing as turned up. Could you put this on the blog to see if anyone may have any pictures? He was my dad's idol and I am desperate to find something for him.
Thank you

I am sure there are other pictures out there of Eric, Godley Junction was a favourite hangout for many a train spotter,  hopefully amongst the many picture that have been taken over the years around the Signal Box someone somewhere captured Eric going about his job. 

There might be colleagues who have pictures and of course memories of Eric Harrison whose nick-name on the railways was 'Pedro' because of his moustache. He worked at the Godley Signal Box from around 1952 until he retired around 1980.

Eric was born 12th August 1917/8 the details of this date are sketchy, alas died 19th April 1990 Eric was originally from Sheffield but lived in Dukinfield with wife Jessie. They had 2 daughters Kathleen and Janet and 3 sons Roy, Ralph and Liz's dad Keith.


We have managed in the past to come up with pictures and memories for folk, I hope we can do it again this time.

Eric's son Roy worked on Brookfold Signal Box in between Apethorn Junction and Godley. They called him 'son of pedro'


Anonymous said...

Hi what people need to remember that godley station was not where it is today originaly godley station was on station road next to wall!s which is not where it is today the station was brought forward down to Sheffield road at the junction of mottram road.

Michelle parker said...

I used the station quite a bit from 1976 - 1978 as I lived in Godley , I lived with my parents in the shop on the corner next to walls factory , the shop along with walls factory are long gone now , I will ask my mum if she remembers anything , hope you can find the information you are looking for 😊

Liz Harrison said...

Yes please