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Sunday, 5 October 2014


Due to health and other commitments this blog is now closed, but will still be here as an archive for Hydonians to look through when ever you choose to.

Facebook has a number of groups that might be of interest 

Hyde Community Onward

Pole Bank Hall Cheshire

Hyde Memories 

Memories Of Hyde & Newton

Thank you all who contributed to this archives, to those that have supported it and to all that have been involved. 

Tom Wigley


Susan Jaleel said...

Hi Tom, I'm very sorry to hear this but I do understand the reasoning. Huge thanks to you, Nancy, Dave and Paul for all the hard work you've put in over a long period of time to make this site the valuable source of information and nostalgia that it is. Take care of yourselves, all of you.

M. said...

Tom, very sorry to hear about this, not always seen eye to eye but wishing you all the best.

Sean D said...

Thanks to the team and good luck to you all. What a great site this has been.

Historian said...

The blog will be sorely missed. Thanks to you all for the hard work you have put into it. It has been greatly appreciated!

rock ape said...

Tom & team.
Well done all.

ceecee said...

So sad to not have this up and running anymore , but health comes first, a BIG thank you to all who worked so hard on the Blob .

Trish Mullineaux said...

We've still got all the pictures, brilliant stories and great memories on here Tom thanks to you and your team. A job very well done. Take good care of yourself now.

westarsteve said...

tom thanks to you and the team for the great job you have done on this archive

mario ronzo said...

Im real sorry tom but do take good care of yourself.and thanks for all the memories of hyde.

Sevans said...

Thankyou so much to all of you! I live in Australia and have had so much pleasure from reading this blog over the years. Memories of my childhood were wonderful !!

Thankyou again Sylvua