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Wednesday, 27 May 2015


Today's post is from Margaret Ibbotson (nee Collins) and comes all the way from New Zealand, over to Margaret.

I am an ex-resident of Hyde, now living in New Zealand, while going through the Hyde Blog site I came across a photograph of someone who was in Hyde Roads C.C. (Wilf) at the same time as my brother, MICHAEL COLLINS.
I have several photos which my brother took during the 1950's while in the club. I would be interested to know if any of them are still around, probably all in their late 70's.

From Left: Brian Martin sitting, Wilf, Bill Hurd? Lady unknown.

Dimmingsdale Sept.1956

Lex, Far Left Background, Wilf  &  Bill Hurd

Brian Martin & Bill Hurd

From Left: Brian Martin, Bill Hurd & Michael Collins

From Left; Bill Hurd, Bob Stafford & Margaret C.

Wilf, Alton Towers Sept 1956

Bill Hurd Alton Towers Sept 1956

Bill Hurd 1950's

The original posting of Hyde Road C.C. can be found by using the search box top-right 

If you have any information, memories and photographs please leave a comment or send me an email.

UPDATED 28th May 2015

Bill Howarth Hyde R.C.

Bill Howarth  of the Hyde R. C.  One of the best riders of his time who is now 92 and has only recently stopped riding 

Bill's Son Neil Howarth 'Centre' Hyde Olympic 1974

Paul duckworth from Duckworth Cycles Hyde which is no longer there,  it's a small car park at the end of Water Street, across the way from B&Q

Bill's Son, Neil Howarth  'Centre' I.O.M. 1976

Stephen Wilkinson, Hyde & still winning races like he did last week.

Last but not least of this update, is a picture of the late, great, Graham Harrison known to his friends as 'Moggy'.  Seen here 'front-left riding for Viking.

My thanks to Neil Howarth for these pictures.


Tom said...

Posted for Jon Stafford

Amazed to see the pictures as i just seamed to "stumble" upon the site. My father is on the pictures, Bob Stafford, im his son, Jon.
Bill Hurd was a great family friend from back in the day and Bill and my father build small boats and used to sail them during the 70,s, usually at Rudyard Lake.
I have some original pictures from the very same function the my father and Bill are on, definately a cycling "do". Brian Martin was also a good friend of my dads but died some years back.
My dad (Bob) died in May last year age 74.
Great to see the happy times there.
Best wishes
Jon Stafford

john booth said...

Hyde Olympic team middle row,second in from the right is Chris Hodgson,his mam and dad had the Blue Window club on Smithy Lane,he was also our goalie(Hyde Lads Club)in the early days before we got John Cheetham.Not seen him in over 40 years!!!
John Booth

Anonymous said...

Recognise Les Kershaw and Brian Samuels in the 1974 picture.

Anonymous said...

Back row Les Kershaw ? ? Neil Howarth ? John Williams ?
Centre row Alan Crabtree ? Gary Caine Brian Samuels Chris Hodgson Nick Saunders
Front row ? ? Gary Hutchinson Paul Duckworth Graham Harrison ?
Nick Saunders great rider held the world record for riding around the world and the UK road in France for a couple of years. Steve Wilkinson and Graham Harrison awesome cyclist and always dueling with each other. Really sad to hear Moggy had passed away. The original driving forces behind the club were John Jenner Jeff Greenhalgh and Cec Duckworth.

Anonymous said...

Alive and well and living in Blackpool cheers for the great pics ,Chris Hodgsonxx

Anonymous said...

Looked at the picture a few times
Why has Eggy got a jumper and rain jacket on and all the others have got racing tops