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Sunday, 12 July 2015

Mayor Of Hyde's £10,000 Appeal British Legion Memorial Building Fund ( Hyde Branch )

I would like to thank Paul Blake for this weeks post, Paul called round to see me with a pile of his dads old booklets and a few North Cheshire Herald, which kept me busy scanning them, Luckily Paul got to these before any more damage was done to them by being stored in a garage.

This week I can show you a Souvenir Programme from 1948, I'm sure some of the adverts will bring back memories for many of you. Please feel free to leave comments.

If you have anything like this at home, I am willing to scan it all and put it on a disk for you as a thank you. All item will be looked after and returned.

Thank you


Chris Han said...

I wasn't around in 1948, the world had to wait another two decades, but many of those trader's names I recognise.
A great and treasured document.

ROCK APE said...

Just had a quick look in......and here you are.Good to see ait all up and running!

Marjorie said...

The adverts bring back many memories of shops and industries that I knew.

Trish said...

How nice to see all those lovely old shops advertised that I remember so well. You really could buy anything you wanted back then in our little town of Hyde.
I remember Shaw's furniture shop very well, just along from Garbetts on Newton Street. When we married in 1966, our parents bought us some wardrobes and a dining table with four chairs, aunts and uncles bought us a small bookcase/display cabinet all in quality teak from Shaw's, one of Kevin's auntie's worked there at the time, so I guess she got a bit of discount! The table and chairs have long gone, but still have the superb wardrobes and the little display cabinet nearly fifty years on!
I worked at Senior Service in the office block, and we finished work at 3pm on Friday's, and with it being wage day, I always wondered around Hyde market buying little bits & pieces (Towels, crockery etc) for my "bottom drawer" Hyde market was great back then. Then I would pop over to Robbins shop at 40 Market street and have a noey. Robbins was a super shop.
A & H Booth Taxis & coaches advert, The Booth family lived on King George Rd, just a few doors up from us, and I used to play out with their daughter Jennifer, we often made a den in our back yards with mum's old clothes maiden & old blankets, or we took ourselves off to the swing park at Gower Hey woods. Those were the good old days! And A & H Booth supplied the two taxis for my wedding in 1966.
Hyde was so good back then, it really did have great shops!