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Thursday, 10 September 2015


Always nice to get a phone call from a friend, especially one who's local knowledge is second to none and a member of the team here on the blog.
Many will recall Paul from Hyde Lads Club, and from his book on the pubs of Hyde..   and of course being a member of the team here.



Trish said...

Sorry Tom,
Have not looked at the blog for about a month or so, I keep forgetting you are back! But anyway, have just taken a peek and glad I did. Love this post as I get to see Robbins old shop, plus all the memories of the good old shops we had in Hyde. I promise I will keep logging on now Tom!
Hope you are keeping well
Kind regards Trish

Tom said...

Thank you Trish.. so glad you liked the posting. I've started a facebook group for the blog now which is doing very well. and feeding more information towards here.

My health is always going to be an issue, but hopefully I have more good days than bad.. :O)

Susan Jaleel said...

I remember Robbins shop very well - it was the building with the statue on top, on the opposite corner to Barclays Bank. My parents used to buy furniture there and I recall that they also sold Antler luggage, which was considered very upmarket in the 50s/60s. In those days, Hyde was blessed with good shopping places and folk came from all over to visit Robbins, Rosebottom's China Shop, Martin Middleton for pianos and radiograms. Sad to see it now, a shadow of what it used to be.