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Friday, 20 June 2014

New Blog-Site Hyde In War-Time WW1

I have spent some time scanning the book Hyde In War, pages from which have feature on here a few times. The book can be read in the Library, but is not to be taken out. I had never even heard of this book until a few years back. I was lucky enough to be given a copy and thought then it deserves it's own blog-site, where anyone with a computer could view and read it.

It really is a very good read, follow the link above and check it out, I'm sure you will find it of interest.


Gerald (SK14) said...

The link is not clickable - this should be http://hydeww1.blogspot.co.uk/

Tom said...

Thanks Gerald, been that long I'd forgot how to do it correctly... I can recall what my mother was wearing when she came out of hospital in December 1960... but more resent stuff is just not staying in my memory.

Anonymous said...

I have a copy of this book but just as at the Library it doesn't leave the premises!!! Years ago I enquired about Part 2 - which would have had details of my Grandfather - but aparently it was never written! It feels strange when I look at it and remeber men I knew as a child - they seemed old but were probably quite young !!


Tom, why don't you tell us about your childhood in Hyde?

Tom said...

Well Donald.... not a question for this post... feel free to email me.

HWMT Archivist said...

Hi Tom,

Thanks so much for taking the time to copy this book and making it available for everyone to use. It is a book of its time, and some the writing is very jingoistic, but it gives a direct insite in the feeling of the people of Hyde at that time.

Lynn Phillips nee Furbank said...

I would like to add to the hits in Hyde. The hit on Tower Street also demolished houses in Thornley Street. My mother, grandmother, Aunt and neighbours hid under the stairs at number 18 as the houses opposite were hit. Harndens, machinery makers were making machines to make bombs and opinions were that all hits in and around Thornley Street, Tower Street etc was a result of the Germans trying to hit Harndens.