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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Arthur Chesworth

In the emails this morning was this sad one from Highbury South Australia.

To all at the Hyde Cheshire Blog.
My name is Andrew Jesse and I live in Highbury South Australia.
Just to let you know, Arthur Chesworth passed away Sunday 1st of June 2014 at the Modbury hospital, South Australia after a long battle with leukaemia.
I was a friend of his, and found your blog 4 months ago. I printed off the team photo for Arthur. He was delighted.
He would have wanted me to let you all know of the situation. R.I.P. Arthur Chesworth.

It is nice to think that a picture posted on here, and kindly printed off by Arthurs friend Andrew bought him some comfort.  R.I.P. Arthur.

Thank you to Andrew for letting us know.

Arthur Chesworth is in this team photo of the Union street Church football team. He is the lad holding the cup in the front row after the 60/61 grand final win. Arthur was born 3/9/1946 and was 67 years old at the time of his passing. His funeral was a packed house event and was held on the 5thJune 2014. His ashes are due to be scattered at the Highercombe golf club where he was a keen member, with a handicap in single figures.

Arthur Chesworth
03/09/1946  -  01/06/2014


Sean D said...

Unless it's a huge coincidence I knew Arthur. My brother Dave married his daughter, Denise and they emigrated to Australia in 1982 - they now live in Perth though they are no longer a couple.

I stayed with Dave, Denise and my niece and nephew twenty-odd years ago and Arthur came over from the east to stay as well; he was a good bloke. I had met him before as a kid on his occasional visits to England. Does this information ring true Andrew?

Andrew Jesse said...

This information does not seem correct Sean. Arthur has two daughters Rebecca and Lauren, both now in their early 40's. Both married Australian blokes. As far as I am aware, Arthur emigrated to Australia in the late 60's with Nina, his Wife at the time. He was a tool maker by trade and kept on with that here in Australia rising into a management position. He retired from the trade at the age of 62. Arthur went on to take a job as an undertaker for around 3 years until becoming ill. He was very good at all tasks he took on, being a man of integrity. He is sadly missed by all who were fortunate enough to have known him.
Yours sincerely
Andrew Jesse.

Sean D said...

OK Andrew, sorry about that and the loss of your friend. My ex-sister in law's dad had the same name and emigrated to Australia in the 50's or 60's too but would be much older.

Best wishes to you,


Anonymous said...

I was so sorry to hear of Arthur's death. I went to Flowery field school with him.
Margaret, now living in Vancouver

bill Lancashire said...

Arthur lived on Cross Street just round the corner from me when we were kids. I remember him well.

It's the double centenary of Union Street Sunday School's establishment in July and there will be a big celebration dinner at Oaklands Hall. No doubt several of the Union Street FC players will be there and will raise a glass in Arthur's memory.

Anonymous said...

Barry Lewis, Sydney. This has come as a great shock. Arthur and I were classmates at FloweryField and I also had conversations with him a few years ago, he in Adelaide and myself in Sydney. Vale old mate.