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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Pole Bank Video

Another great video from Dave Barlow (Friends Of Pole Bank) . It will always be my pleasure to see items coming in from Pole Bank. Dave sent this in a while back now when the site was not being updated... and for that I am sorry for the delay. Anyhow sit back and enjoy the film.

I had intended to go to Pole Bank last week with my camera and get some recent shots but could not make it on the day. I will however get there and take pictures to seeing how the work as now blended back into its surroundings.

Thanks again Dave  


Chris Han said...

Interesting video montage.

Poor workman, I bet it stunk rotten.

Didn't there used to be a wooden Duck House situated on the stone island, I think I remember seeing an old photo of it surrounded by swans?

Dave B said...

You're right Chris, used that old swan photo in one of my vids. If you tap in 'Pole Bank Hall' in the 'YouTube' search box pic should be there. Its the only historic one I've ever found (undated) of Pole Bank must be more somewhere ...
Noticed there's no stone wall or stone island on that picture and so not a clue when they were built,( maybe the Beeleys) ... small Fir tree on the left still there though ...

the tufty club said...

Remember beautiful Koi carp in there as a young child in the 70s