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Friday, 28 May 2010

The Clarence - Talbot Road


The Clarence on Talbot Road, Newton. Another one of our fine pubs that is soon to bite the dust if a landlord can't be found. It's a sad state of affairs when the beer is cheaper to buy in the supermarkets !

In the 1980s this pub had a thriving dinner time trade from the nearby officer workers of the old ICI works. Good food was served in the 'best room' while the vault did well with the locals. If no one steps in soon to make a go of this it will be the second pub to go in on Talbot Road like the one below.

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Tom said...

I was walking by here yesterday Nancy, and took the two bottom pictures which I added for you.. The doors were closed but there was a car parked around the back. I think it still opens.
The King Bill was open and a few chaps were outside smoking, I stopped and chatted with two friends I'd not seen in a while and was very tempted to have a pint or three... ha! I'll sort the pictures out for that posting soon.