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Saturday, 29 May 2010

King Bill

The King William IV or the King Bill as it is affectionatly known

Local legend, Ian Scragg enjoying a cig at the door

Paul & Wilf posing for a picture

Seems that the King Bill is doing OK with a good dinner time crowd, I think the 3 locals above are now part of this pubs fixtures and fittings. I have always found this a great pub, with a great set of lads in the vault. Tea times are busy with many workers calling in for a 'swift' one... it is also a great place to contact local builders who wash the dust from their throats at this time.

The King Bill has had the pleasure of having a certain Derek Quinn as a former landlord. Derek was the guitarist in the 1960's group ,"Freddie and the Dreamers" who enjoyed success in the pop charts between 1963-65. Their biggest hit was "I'm telling you now" which made number 3.
Derek was a charming host and we had lots of laughs in there in the early 80's at the darts matches. The King Bill had a very strong team!


Tom said...

When I first moved up to Newton Derek was the landlord... and a good one as well. He kept a good pub and the vault was a great place to go. I walked in one day and the doors to the left (Best Room) and the right (Vault) were wedge open... I could here the laughter and shouting from down the road near the post office. The sight I was greated with as never left me.. two grown men who's names escape me now were racing around the inside of the pub on childrens tricycles... a set number of laps had been decided upon and bets placed... what a bloody laugh it was. Another time the floor was cleared for tidlewinks. Woe betide anyone who got in the way... it was serious stuff. I had visions of these chaps going home later telling their kids off for messing about and making to much noise. Derek had hit the jackpot with these dinnertime antics held on I think Mondays... Another pub catering for the DCM attitude of many builders... D.C.M.... 'Don't Come Mondays'.

Hydonian said...

We used to have darts tournaments which always ended up as lock-ins.Once we had a type of "It's a knockout" and to see grown men having such a laugh brought tears to the eyes!
What happened to Derek ,Tom?

Tom said...

To tell the truth I don't know... but will ask around.

imac said...

This blog has given me some old memories.

Tom said...

I saw Ian Scragg today who told me that he remembers that Derek Quinn was a 'rep' for a soft drinks company. It was a year or two back so it would be nice to know how he is doing now.

Hydonian said...

Quinny was a great Host! Hope he's keeping well!