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Saturday, 29 May 2010

The Lamb Inn

This one was knocked down and rebuilt. The right hand side was a butchers shop that was run by the Bagshaw family.

This was built in either 1946 or 56
Glad to report it is still going Strong in the capable hands of Alison & Simon Boot. It as it's own facebook page... Friends of the Lamb.


Tom said...

I have many memories from this pub, and I'm sure theres more to add as well.

Old said...

I remember when a football coach turned up and 'the lads' decided to nick the jukebox. They stood shoulder to shoulder thus forming a screen from the bar and they managed to get it from the far right hand wall to the door before being rumbled. Football coaches were banned shortly thereafter.

Tom said...

Hi OLD..
What a great story that is... thanks for commenting... hope you enjoy your visits here.