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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Panto Pictures From 1949

The last post for 2013 comes all the was from Australia... sent in from Joe and showing his wife to be as a young girl in Pantomime in 1949. Lovely pictures, great costumes and sets.

OVER TO JOE: Some photos of my wife, Jean Wilde, for the Hydonian blog site.  Maybe someone knows others who were in these pantomimes.  Panto was held in the church hall in Gee Cross.

Jean Wilde (aged about 8) is kneeling in front row, fourth from the right.

Same panto - Jean Wilde is sitting in front row, second from right. 

Jean and I moved to Australia in 1964 with our two daughters and settled in Canberra.
Cheers and happy new year,
Joe Wilde

UPDATED 03/01/14

From Eric In New Zealand

On second photo reading from the Right on back row they are: Jean Goddard, Cora Wilson, Marjorie Bennison, ?, ?, ?, Dorothy Newton, ?, Margaret Morris,  Joan Stafford, Joan Wimpenny, Marjorie Baddeley, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?.

Happy New Year To One And All

Thank you for sticking by us, and putting up with the last few months, I cannot see the blog being done on a daily basis in the near future... I personally have not the time or inclination to carry on as before , but will post at least once a month. I do check the emails but cannot answer them all.. What I must do in the New Year is to show a few of the comments I had to block, these comments have gradually got worse.... some I could not publish as they are horrid, nasty and some even downright filthy. I do hope the people/person responsible can move on next year.. What a shame this year as to end on such a matter... but these comments have taken the toll on us and we ask ourselves at times 'Why Bother'...  Lets hope this time next year our final post as a much happier tone to it.



Sean D said...

Tom, thanks to all the team for the work you've put into this site. I know lots of people appreciate it as much as I do.

Happy New Year to you all.

B WIlliams said...

Thanks Tom for bringing us up to date with things. Dave too won't put anything on due to all the nasty comments he got. As you say it takes so much time to get a page ready for the blog and then horrible comments arrive it's so off putting. I hope 2014 finds you in better health also Nancy. A Happy New Year to all who still look at the blog.

Dave E said...

This is in response to Joe Wilde...I didn,t know you well,but I think you lived in the street behind Hyde Lads Club.Also I inherited your paper round at Johnson,s Newsagent,s ...nice to know you,re still " batting" as my mother used to say.

Graham Boote said...

I can only begin to imagine how soul destroying it must be to work hard on the site only to have such negative comments coming in from (hopefully) a minority.

That would significantly reduce my enthusiasm for doing the blog, so I fully understand your position.

To Tom, Nancy, Dave and Paul, many thanks for the awesome site and best wishes for whatever you wish to do in 2014.

Anonymous said...

Joe, are you the brother of Tom, and did she live on Windermere Road before marriage. Tom was my best friend for years. I think you were all born in Thomas Street.

Jeff Sherwin said...

To hide behind anonymity seems cowardly to me come out of the shadows to be taken seriously.

Rock Ape said...

Come on Tom, dig in!! you're from Hyde!!!

Tom said...

Rock Ape: Dig In.
I'd bury the bloody lot of them given the chance... ;O)

Tom said...

I've removed certain comments today hopefully for the good of the blog.

Please excuse me for doing this, hopefully I can now get on with sorting out posts and not arguing and feeling the need to justify why I cannot at this time carry on as before.

Jean said...

Joe Atkinson Wilde is this you?

Anonymous said...

Tom, Barry in Oz here, Internet Trolls are a sad fact of life in the ether world. They are sad little people who have lives so empty that their only reason for being is to make a nuisance of themselves. As a Mod on a very large site I totally ignore these folks except to press the 'delete' button. To be brutal, this or these trolls have succeeded in what they set out to do, ie disrupt this wonderful site. You and the other admin staff have done a fantastic job and your efforts are truly appreciated by many.

Anonymous said...

Barry in Oz, Joe, where abouts in Canberra are you ?

Joe Wilde said...

Hi Barry in Oz, Jean and I live in Weston, Canberra.

Joe Wilde said...

To Anonymous, Yes, Tom Wilde is my brother. Hope you are well. Cheers, Joe

Joe Wilde said...

Hi Jean - yes it is me :-)

Hopefully will hear back from you.

Joe (Atkinson Wilde)