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Sunday, 15 December 2013

Cheshire Regiment in Hyde.

Request For Information

In the emails this week was the following..

I would be very pleased if one of the readers could answer my dilemma.

Attached are two photos of a contingent of the Cheshire Regiment in Hyde.
I don't know the actual occasion for this visit or when but guess its in the 70's as the second picture shows SHMD buses at the Glossop stop in Greenfield Street and a SELNEC bus just turning in to Greenfield Street from Great Norbury Street.
Many thanks Eric


Chris Han said...

Thanks for the update Eric.

Great photos, always nice to see our boys on parade.

I've been trying to deduce a more accurate date for these photos, and I arrive at the period 1989 or 1990.
Firstly, the obvious clue are the rifles the lads are carrying. They are SA80's, which came into full service in 1987.
Secondly, the BSkyB satellite dish on the Co-Op wall is very '89-'90.
And lastly, the GM bus we see at the far end of Greenfield St, is, I think, painted in the '89 to '93 livery.

As for the occasion, if I remember correctly, it was just a recruitment drive, and a chance for the lads to bee seen in their dress uniforms.
I can remember they also had some armored vehicles on the market, and some weapons on display.
I got the chance to hold on of the SA80 assault rifles, which I thought at the time were quite heavy.

The buses lined up along Greenfield St, look like the regiments transport for the day, as you can see one of the soldiers looking out from the windows.

Anonymous said...

We've reached the bottom now.

JohnT said...

Not sure about the 70's. Were satellite dishes prevalent then?
It's good news that the blog is still up and running, keep up the good work. If you need any help just shout!

downsie21 said...

Thanks Chris you're far more observant than I am. Lee Enfield Mark 3 were my forte.
I'll pass the information on to my friend.
Anonymous hits the right tone, I must say!
Thanks John T.

Jeff Sherwin said...

My Grandad Rafe served with the Regiment in WW1, His son my uncle Ralph was killed with the Regiment Salerno WW2, I served with the Regiment as a National Service man 1959 and 1960 at Singapore and Northern Ireland, A proud Regiment now the Mercian Regiment.

Trish said...

So glad to see the blog is still up and running, I have looked on it about three times a week since the altered images blog in Nov. Even if we only get something on it once a week, thats ok. We won't give up on you, we will keep logging on!
Merry Christmas to everyone,and a Happy new year. Special best wishes to Tom.

Jeff Sherwin said...

Some Cheshire lads got back to me, the SA 80 was introduced 1988, the parade they think was 1989 Kape tour 1989 Tercentenary,

Jeff Sherwin said...

The members of the regiment agree.
Carl Murphy said "Yep it was the tercentenary march through Cheshire main towns"
During my service we paraded and were wined and dine at several towns, including Stockport.

David Jones said...

The buses referred to do look a bit like the old SHMD livery, but they are actually unmistakeably ECW-bodied Bristol VRTs of Crosville Motor Services, wearing the cream and Brunswick green livery which was introduced in the post-deregulation era. That would date the picture to somewhere between 1986-9.

Keith Mellor said...

Keep the Army in the Public Eye
Keith Mellor


Hi mate, my dad (Norman Robinson), was in the Regiment during the last days of the war, until I think '52.
I loved hearing as a youngster, his stories of army life and the weapons. The inaccuracies but awesome power of the Sten. Pineapple grenades and mustard gas training etc etc!
He used to refer to the Enfield as the 303. Would this be the same rifle that you used?
Regards - Nige Robinson

Anonymous said...

Just come across this picture, I'm the L/C third from the right on the front line, and look a bit tired :). We were based in Saignton camp, just outside Chester for 2 weeks, preparing for the main event in Chester, at the racecourse, in the presence of HRH Prince Charles. If I remember right, we were in Ellesmere Port this day, as we had the freedom of the town. We also marched through Chester and Birkenhead on following days.

24782378 L/Corporal Daley - 22nd Regiment - C Company - Ellesmere Port
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