Harry Rutherford's
Festival of Britain Mural

Monday, 29 June 2015

Thou beauty Spot, Dear Werneth Low

Werneth Low, Hyde.

Thou beauty spot, dear Werneth Low
Upon thy hill I love to roam
Where the refreshing breezes blow
Thou art my favourite haunt, I own

I've often heard the lark's sweet song
And the thrushes in the clough below
And the little ones twittering all day long
When wandering on dear Werneth Low.

Nine hundred feet above the sea
She stands decked in a mantle green
And from the height there could not be
A view more gracious to be seen

I've been there in the morning grey

And watch the sun rise o'er hill
To see him mount his heavenly way
It does my soul with rapture fill

I've often been at eventide

To watch the sun before it sets
And view the country far and wide
A scene I cannot soon forget

And then I bid the scene farewell
And once again I homeward go
On thee I could for ever dwell
Thou beauty spot, dear Werneth Low

Pictures by
Brian Thornley


Trish said...

Beautiful, Lovely pictures, lovely words, We are so lucky to have this amazing place on our doorstep.

Anonymous said...

Tom thanks for the great pictures of werneth low still a stunning place to be
not like Suffolk where I live now.
hope your keeping well. Barry

Marjorie said...

How lovely. I'm sure everyone who knows the Low will agree with the poem.

Tony said...

That's lovely Tom....a perfect painting ( in words) of the place I love and miss!

ROCK APE said...

Agree with 'Anon'.
I live in Hampshire and there is nothing (surprisingly)! like Werneth Low.
Each visit home is not complete without a walk or run over't Low.
I take the children up and they just stare in amazement at the views.
And you can get a pint at three places within a quarter of a mile!!!!
Thats Hyde....love it.