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Sunday, 16 August 2015

Unapealing Ring O` Bells

I was contacted by Dave Lambert yesterday and thought it worth sharing his picture and his message as I'm sure others will find what Dave is doing of interest.. 

I am currently putting together a gallery of closed pubs in the North West of England and photographed the above pub this morning to add to my records. Please feel free to use the photograph if you wish and you can also visit my record of photographs of closed pubs on Flickr using this link:-       Dave's Closed Pubs                                                         


Chris Han said...

The Apethorn on Knott Lane is another good example for this list.

Susan Jaleel said...

It's so sad to see this photo. I have fond memories of this part of Hyde - when I was very young the 3 gathering places in this community were the Ring O' Bells, Clarke's Arms and Zion Chapel (not necessarily in that order). To the left of this pub was Smithy Lane - a street of terraced houses with a post office at the Stockport Road end. At peak times there would be extra buses on the 210 trolley service, which would terminate at the Ring O' Bells and turned round via Smithy Lane and Lumn Road, where the overhead wires had been extended, re-joining the main road at the Clarke's Arms and returning to Manchester. Next door to the Ring O' Bells was a herbalist's shop, where you could sit in and enjoy one of the drinks which they made up from a concoction of herbs. On the wall behind the counter were rows of small wooden drawers and glass bottles where the herbs were stored, each one being carefully labelled. The tables and chairs were made of wrought iron and the floor was tiled - I can still hear the awful scraping noise when someone moved a chair without lifting it! Lots of people in the old days - starting with my parents - swore by the herbal remedies available in this shop, and I vividly remember being sent to get a 'cough bottle' or a 'stomach bottle' for my dad. It certainly beat waiting for hours and hours in Dr Ellis's waiting room! The cough bottle always contained cloves, and even now, so far on, I'm transported back to that herb shop whenever I smell them!

Travelling to GX on the 210, in the days when the conductor shouted the name of the next stop, he always rang the bell about 3 times when we were getting near the Ring O' Bells and called "Ring them bells!" At the next stop, he would shout "Dead centre of Hyde!"

Chris Han said...

@Susan Jaleel

A great recollection, thanks for sharing.