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Thursday, 1 October 2015


I posted this as part of a group of cutting from the Coronation Special Of The North Cheshire Herald last week. 

I received an Email this week after posting these clippings, from a regular contributor to the blog Ken Smith.  
Ken wrote: On the 2nd of November I responded to a posting on Hyde Baths with a story about my great uncle Jimmy Oakes, who was employed as fireman/laundryman/general dogs body at the long gone establishment and who died on the 5th June 1952.
While scrolling down the blog on the Coronation Special Edition of the North Cheshire Herald 1953 I came across two entries under the name Oakes in the Memoriam column, which were entered by his wife, Fanny, and by my mother, father and myself. It was quite a shock seeing it and brought back many memories of the time he died.
I was in my final year at Hyde Grammar and was seeking to enter the RAF as an Aircraft Apprentice, which required sitting an entrance exam. That exam was held on the same day that Uncle Jim was to be buried and I was faced with the awful dilemma of taking the exam or attending the funeral. Common sense prevailed and I took and passed the exam and duly joined the RAF on the 10th of September 1952.
The photo I send today is of Uncle Jim, his wife Fanny and yours truly taken outside the front door of 312 Stockport Road, Gee Cross (Spout Cottage) in 1940, not long after the outbreak of WW2  hence my patriotic wearing of a military sidecap! Uncle Jim, is dressed in the 'working man's uniform' of cloth cap, Union shirt (no collar), braces, the obligatory stout leather belt and clogs!
Thank you to your wonderful blog for bringing back some long forgotten memories.

Best regards to you all,
Ken Smith

Thank you Ken,
I very nearly left the Deaths and Memoriam column out in case it caused upset... but changed my mind, and I am very glad I did now. Ken's story as put a personal touch to the post and I am so pleased he allowed me to share it. 

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Chris Han said...

What a fantastic coincidence, and a great back story.
The photo of Jim, Fanny, and yourself is the icing on the cake, and brings the whole story together.